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Header Picture: One of two recent Vistajet visitors to Cardiff. Bombardier Challenger 350 9H-VCJ ..picture credit Mark "Ginge" Little

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St.Athan - Cardiff Aviation

Cardiff Aviation

Movements in and out of the Twin Peaks complex for 2019 are as follows.
For 2012-2018 movements see the Archive section on the top dropdown menu.

Cardiff Aviation Ltd
Aviation maintenance, engineering, technical services and training group launched in 2012 by Bruce Dickinson and Mario Fulgoni.

Reg: G-EUNB Type: Airbus A318-112
MSN: 4039 Operator: Titan Airways
Arrived/From: 17/05/19 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: AWC318Y
Departed/To: Current Departure Flt No:
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-POWD Type: Boeing 767-36NER
MSN: 30847/902 Operator: Titan Airways
Arrived/From: 10/05/19 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: TCX4792
Departed/To: 17/05/19 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM7674
Picture credit IanG

Reg: SE-RFR Type: Boeing 767-38AER/W
MSN: 29617/741 Operator: TUIFly Nordic 
Arrived/From: 04/05/19 - LGKO/Kos Arrival Flt No: TOM3AT
Departed/To: 15/05/19 - ESGG/Gothenburg Departure Flt No: BLX852P
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-TAWI Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37267/4006 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 29/04/19 - EKCH/Copenhagen Arrival Flt No: TOM9834
Departed/To: 01/05/19 - Bristol Departure Flt No: TOM9256
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-TAWJ Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 38108/4024 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 26/04/19 - Manchester via a weather divert to Cardiff Arrival Flt No: TOM9288
Departed/To: 29/04/19 - Cardiff Departure Flt No: TOM9255

Reg: SE-RNC Type: Boeing 767-304ER/W
MSN: 28208/705 Operator: TUIFly Nordic 
Arrived/From: 25/04/19 - ESGG/Gothenburg Arrival Flt No: BLX525P
Departed/To: Manchester Departure Flt No: BLX526P
Picture credit StuC

Reg: C-FQWK re-reg G-TAWK 25/04/19 Type: Boeing 738NG-8K5/W
MSN: 37239/4253 Operator: Sunwing Airlines 
Arrived/From: 24/04/19 - CYQG/Windsor IAP Arrival Flt No: SWG9932
Departed/To: 29/04/19 - Manchester Departure Flt No: TOM9289
Picture credit StuC
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-ZAPX Type: Boeing 757-256
MSN: 29309/936 Operator: Titan Airways 
Arrived/From: 16/04/19 - Gatwick Arrival Flt No: AWC997P
Departed/To: 19/04/19 - Stansted  Departure Flt No: AWC757W

Reg: C-FTZD re-reg G-FDZD 13/04/19 Type: Boeing 737NG/8K5/W
MSN: 35132/2276 Operator: Sunwing Airlines 
Arrived/From: 11/04/19 - CYQG/Windsor IAP Arrival Flt No: SWG9926
Departed/To: 17/04/19 - East Midlands  Departure Flt No: TOM9801

Reg: C-FBWS re-reg G-TAWS 11/04/19 Type: Boeing 737MG/8K5/W
MSN: 37241/4842 Operator: Sunwing Airlines 
Arrived/From: 10/04/19 - CYQG/Windsor IAP Arrival Flt No: SWG9924
Departed/To: 15/04/19 - Birmingham   Departure Flt No: TOM7XC

Reg: C-GQWH re-reg G-TAWH 10/04/19 Type: Boeing 7737NG/8K5/W
MSN: 38107/3997 Operator: TUI Airways lease return 
Arrived/From: 08/04/19 - CYQH/Windsor IAP Arrival Flt No: SWG9936
Departed/To: 12/04/19 - Manchester  Departure Flt No: TOM9816

Reg: SE-RFR Type: Boeing 767-38AER/W
MSN: 29617/741 Operator: TUIFly Nordic 
Arrived/From: 04/04/19 - ESSA/Stockholm Arrival Flt No: BLX526P
Departed/To: 09/04/19 - ESGG/Gothenburg  Departure Flt No: BLX527P
Picture credit IanG

Reg: C-FEZF re-reg G-FDZF 05/04/19 Type: Boeing 737MG/8K5/W
MSN: 35138/2499 Operator: TUI Airways lease return 
Arrived/From: 03/04/19 - CYQG/Windsor IAP Arrival Flt No: SWG9904
Departed/To: 09/04/19 - Manchester Departure Flt No: TOM9815
1106 (4)
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: G-OOBG Type: Boeing 757-236/W
MSN: 29942/867 Operator: TUI Airways lease return
Arrived/From: 25/03/19 - Dublin Arrival Flt No: TOM9271
Departed/To: Current Departure Flt No: -

Reg: G-OOBH Type: Boeing 757-236/W
MSN: 29944/872 Operator: TUI Airways lease return
Arrived/From: 05/03/19 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9238
Departed/To: 26/03/19 - OMDW/Dubai World Departure Flt No: TOM928
Boeing 757 -236 G-OOBH TUI
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: G-JMCL Type: Boeing 737-322SF
MSN: 23951/1532 Operator: West Atlantic  
Arrived/From: 26/02/19 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: NPT733P
Departed/To: 12/03/19 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: NPT737P

Reg: G-OOBC Type: Boeing 757-28A/W
MSN: 33098/1026 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 21/02/19 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: TOM9275
Departed/To: 27/02/19 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9277

Reg: G-TAWB Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37242/3917 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 18/02/19 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: TOM9208
Departed/To: 21/02/19 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9209

Reg: G-OOBH Type: Boeing 757-236/W
MSN: 29944/872 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 05/02/19 - Bristol Arrival Flt No: TOM9206
Departed/To: 06/02/19 - Bristol Departure Flt No: TOM9207

Reg: G-JMCB Type: Boeing 737-436SF
MSN: 25859/2532 Operator: West Atlantic Cargo 
Arrived/From: 01/02/19 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: NPT734P
Departed/To: 28/02/19 - Warton Departure Flt No: NPT734P

Reg: G-CPEV Type: Boeing 757-236/W
MSN: 29943/871 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 22/01/19 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: TOM9242
Departed/To: 23/01/19 - Bristol Departure Flt No: TOM9243
Boeing 757 -236 G-CPEV TUI
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: G-POWD Type: Boeing 767-36NER
MSN: 30847/902 Operator: Titan Airways
Arrived/From: 13/01/19 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: AWC767Y
Departed/To: 19/01/19 - Stansted Departure Flt No: AWC767T
Picture credit Ferodo Bridge

Reg: G-JMCY Type: Boeing 737-4Q8SF
MSN: 25114/2666 Operator: West Atlantic
Arrived/From: 16/11/18 - LFRS/Nantes Arrival Flt No: NPT722P
Departed/To: 28/03/19 - East Midlands Departure Flt No: NPT734E

Reg: G-MISG re-reg N4973S 08/04/19 NTU re-reg N380AA 15/04/19 Type: Boeing 737-3L9
MSN: 27833/2688 Operator: ex Cello Aviation (ceased ops 12/10/18)
Arrived/From: 12/10/18 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: CLJ737P
Departed/To: 05/05/19 - OJAM/Amman Moved to: GJD Services 04/19
N380AA-st athan-27042019
Picture credit Matthew Blunt 

Reg: 5N-BQN re-reg N261LF 07/01/19 Type: Boeing 767-352ER/W
MSN: 26261/575 Operator: Aersale Ltd, ex Med-View Airlines
Arrived/From: 24-25/11/17 - Lagos-Cardiff-St Athan Arrival Flt No: 5N-BQN
Departed/To: 01/03/19 - Roswell via Portsmouth Int. (failed attempts 27/02 & earlier on 01/03) Departure Flt No: JTN9024
Boeing 767 5B-BQN Med View
Picture credit James Thomas
Picture credit StuC

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