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    S.W.A.G. Information Box

    Supporting Aviation in Wales, United Kingdom


    Welsh flag

    Header Picture: Bhutan Airlines A319-112 A5-BAC arriving at St Athan 24th July 2018 (James Thomas)

    See after the Logs and Boards for contact and editorial info.

    Cardiff Heliport/EGFC

    Movements & News from the Heliport at Tremorfa

    This will not include any resident aircraft movements

    Jan 4  G-WENU H145, G-IOOK A.109.
    Jan 5  G-WENU H145,
    Jan 10 G-NTWK A.355.
    Jan 11 G-NTWK A.355. G-RIDA AS.355 [n/stop]
    Jan 14 G-WENU H145.
    Jan 16 G-XXEB Sk.76. G-MUZZ A.109
    Jan 19 G-MUZZ A.109.
    Jan 22 G-NWOI H135
    Jan 24 G-NTWK A.355.
    Jan 25 G-NTWK A.355.
    Jan 26 G-WPDE H135
    Jan 28 2-HELO A.109C

    Feb 1 G-IVIP A.109
    Feb 2 G-OHAM R.44
    Feb 3 G-MSPT H135
    Feb 4 G-RMAA H145 [first visit to heliport]
    Feb 7 G-ERKN AS.355 [nightstop], G-NTWK AS.355
    Feb 8 G-RMAA H145.
    Feb 15 G-WPDC H135.
    Feb 19 M-ONTY SK.76, G-RIDA AS.355, G-CILP AW.139. G-NLDR AS.355
    Feb 21 G-NLDR AS.355, 
    Feb 23 G-MSPT H135
    Feb 26 G-WPDC H135
    Feb 27 G-CILP AW.139
    Feb 28 G-WPDD H135

    Mar 5  G-WENU E.145, 
    Mar 6  G-NEWZ BH.206, G-RIDB, B.429, G-WENU E.145. G-NLSE AS.355
    Mar 6  G-SGRP A.109, G-NLSE AS.355.
    Mar 8  G-SGRP A.109. 
    Mar 9  G-MUZZ A.109.
    Mar 13, G-JCBC Sk76
    Mar 14  G-TRNG A.109, G-JCBC Sk76 G-RIDB B.429.
    Mar 15  G-TRNG A.109, G-HANY BH.206
    Mar 17  G-DOLF  AS.365.
    Mar 19  G-JCBA Sk.76 
    Mar 21 G-USCO, G-ZZDD both Sch 369, G-NTWK As.355 
    Mar 22 G-NTWK As.355 
    Mar 26 G-IOOK A.109.
    Mar 30, G-WENU E.145
    Mar 31  G-IVIP, G-JMBS, G-LCFC A.109, N119SX AW.119, G-CJLL R.44

    Pictures credit Matthew Blunt 

    Apr 1  G-JMBS A.109, G-CJLL R.44, 
    Apr 3  G-WPDE H.135
    Apr 4  G-DCII AW.139 
    Apr 5  G-???? As.355
    Apr 6  G-WOBR H145
    Apr 8  2-HELO A.109, G-CBXK R.22
    Apr 11 N449C A.109, G-KLNH A.109
    Apr 12 2-HELO A.109
    Apr 14 G-ILLY R.44
    Apr 15 N449C A.109
    Apr 16 G-PUNT R.44, G-NEWZ BH.206, G-NETR AS.355, N449C A.109
    Apr 17 G-OLCP, G-NETR both As.355
    Apr 18 G-NETR As.355.
    Apr 21 G-EMHE A.109
    Apr 22 G-PUNT, G-JGAR both R.44
    Apr 25 M-JCBC Sk.76
    Apr 27 2-HELO A.109
    Apr 30 M-EXPL As.355

    May 4  G-WOBR H.145.
    May 5  G-REYE  R.44
    May 6  G-IILY R.44
    May 8  G-CILP Aw.139
    May 9  G-USCO H.269
    May 10 G-DVIP A.109, G-USCO H.269
    May 12 G-RYZZ R.44
    May 15 G-GEZZ BH.206, G-DVIP A.109, G-NLDR AS.355
    May 16 G-NLDR AS.355
    May 17 G-NLDR AS.355
    May 18 G-ETKT R.44, G-CDVE R.44, G-HWKW Md.500 G-JBBB H.120
    May 19 G-USCO  H.269
    May 20 N449C A.109
    May 21 2-HELO A.109
    May 21 G-USCO H.269
    May 22 G-WIZR R.44
    May 23 G-BPRJ  As.355
    May 25 G-CMRA As.355 - in use for Yacht event locally in Cardiff
    May 30 G-CGGD Ec.155, N449C A.109
    May 31 N449C A.109

    June 2  G-XXBH Bh.206
    June 3  2-HELO A.109,  G-HBJT As.365 [also 4,5,6]
    June 4 G-UKTV As.355
    June 5 G-DVIP A.109
    June 6 G-CFOJ As.365. G-WOBR H.145.  G-HRDB A.109, G-MAOL A.109
    June 7 G-CCFC R.44, N120HH B.407, G-SWIG R.44
    June 8 G-POTR A.109  G-IOOK A.109
    June 9  G-XXBH BH.206
    June 10 G-CHCL AW.169, G-CILN AW.139. G-CMRA depart after Yacht event
    June 11 G-IOOK A.109,  G-WPDC H135
    June 12 G-WPDE H135
    June 12 G-PDGT AS.355 [also 13]:
    June 14 G-DVIP A.109 [also 17]  G-BPRJ AS.355
    June 15 G-ULZE R.22, G-ILLY R.44, G-WOBR H.145, 
    June 16 G-DVIP A.109, G-WPDE H135, G-JMBS A.109
    June 18 M-EXPL As.355,  G-SLAR A.109  G-BPRJ As.355
    June 19 N449C A.109
    June 21 G-VGMC AS.355
    June 22 G-HLCM A.109,  2-HELO A.109, G-ROON Sk.76, M-ONTY Sk.76
    June 23 G-XXEB Sk.76
    June 24 G-GHER A.109, G-WOBR H145
    June 25 G-WIZR R.44
    June 26 G-BPRJ As.355, G-DVIP A.109 [also 28], G-CCFC R.44
    June 29 G-HOLM H135, G-HRDB A.109, G-DCPB H145

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    Editorial Information
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