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Header Picture: RAAF BBJ A36-001 at Cardiff 10/11/18 (Mark Pearce)

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St.Athan - eCube Solutions

eCube Solutions LLP
eCube Solutions
Based in West Camp hangar 208 from early 2012.  Specialise in 'end-of-life' aircraft projects such as storage, dis-assembly and parts/aircraft reclamation. Some a/c spend time with Cardiff Aviation at Twin Peaks.
The following could be seen in 2018.
For 2012-2017 movements see the Archive section on the top dropdown menu.
Complete movements list excel download here

PH-XRW Boeing 737-7K2/W (33462) ex Transavia ..arrived 21/11/18 from EHAM/Amsterdam as TRA051
Picture credit StuC

VP-BKW Boeing 737-4M0 (29204) ex Yamal Airlines ..arrived 21/11/18 from UUDD/Moscow Domodedovo as LLM9503
Picture credit StuC

TC-ETM Airbus A321-131 (0604) ex Atlas Global ..arrived 15/11/18 from LTBA/Istanbul Ataturk as KKK9981

LY-VET Airbus A319-112 ((1778) ex Avion Express ..arrived 12/11/18 from Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees as NVD9001
Picture credit IanG

LY-SPF Airbus A320--214 (967) ex Small Planet Airlines ..arrived 12/11/18 from EYVI/Vilnius as LLC4PJ
Picture credit IanG

LY-SPD Airbus A320-232 (990) ex Small Planet Airlines ..arrived 09/11/18 from EYVI/Vilnius as LLC7AD
Picture credit StuC

F-GPME Airbus A319-113 (625) ex Air France ..arrived 08/11/18 from LFPO/Orly as AFR363V
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BNWZ Boeing 767-336ER (25733) ex British Airways ..arrived 07/11/18 from Heathrow as BAW767
Picture credit IanG

G-BZHC Boeing 767-336ER (29232) ex British Airways ..arrived 05/11/18 from Cardiff as BAW767 (diverted to Cardiff from Heathrow 04/11/18 due to poor visibility)

A6-EID Airbus A319-132 (1947) ex Etihad Airways ..arrived 02/11/18 from OMAA/Abu Dhabi via a fuel stop in LYBE/Belgrade as ETD9016
Picture credit IanG

G-BNWX Boeing 767-336ER (25832) ex British Airways ..arrived 01/11/18 from Heathrow as BAW767
Picture credit IanG

G-EUPV Airbus A319-131 (1423) ..ex British Airways ..arrived 01/11/18 from Heathrow as BAW9250
Picture credit IanG

2-RLBB Boeing 737NG-7Q8/W (28210) ex Primera-Air Nordic ..arrived 17/10/18 from LGSA/Chania as "2RLBB"
Picture credit IanG

LY-SPI Airbus A320-214 (914) ex Small Planet ..arrived 24/09/18 from EYVI/Vilnius as LLY9364
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPE Boeing 737-683 (28306) ex SAS ..arrived 11/09/18 from ENGM/Oslo as "Scandinavian 9121"

4L-TGM Boeing 737-76N (29904) ex Georgian Airways ..arrived 06/09/18 from UGTB/Tbilisi as "4LTGM"
Picture credit IanG

F-HILU Boeing 767-336ER (24341) ex Open Skies ..arrived 03/09/18 from Paris-Orly as BOS18
Picture credit IanG

A5-BAB Airbus A319-112 (1541) ex Bhutan Airlines ..arrived 02/09/18 from LGAV/Athens as "BTN780" scrapping area 11/18
Picture credit IanG

G-BNWB Boeing 767-336ER (24334) ex British Airways ..arrived 27/07/18 from Heathrow as BAW9254 ..reg cancelled 31/08/18

VP-CQX Embraer EMB-190LR (19000233) ex Air Costa ..arrived 27/07/18 from Exeter as "VPCQX" scapping area c09/18 ..broken-up 10/18

A5-BAC Airbus A319-112 (1551) ex Bhutan Airlines ..arrived 24/07/18 from LGAV/Athens as "BTN780" N125CS 22/08/18 scrapping area 10/18 and broken up
Airbus A319 A5-BAC Bhutan Airlines
Picture credit James Thomas

G-BNWA Boeing 767-336ER (24333) ex British Airways ..arrived 18/07/18 from Heathrow as BAW9254P ..reg cancelled 12/08/18 scrapping area 11/18
Picture credit IanG

M-ABLK Airbus A330-243 (735) ex China Eastern ..arrived at Cardiff 03/07/18 due to late arrival from Hong Kong as "MABLK" ..repositioned to St Athan 04/07/18
Picture credit StuC

F-GPMB Airbus A319-113 (600) ex Air France ..arrived 29/05/18 from LFPO/Orly as AFR365V scrapping area 07/18 ..broken-up 10/18

F-GPMA Airbus A319-113 (598) ex Air France ..arrived 28/05/18 from LFPO/Orly as AFR362V scrapping area 07/18 ..broken-up 10/18

OE-IFW Airbus A330-203 (535) ex VIM Airlines ..arrived 27/04/18 from EIDW/Dublin as "OEIFW" ..departed 29/05/18 to LFBT/Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees as "OEIFW"
Airbus A330 -203 OE-IFW
Picture credit James Thomas

G-CELG Boeing 737-377 (24303) Jet2 ..arrived 24/04/18 from East Midlands as EXS035E ..initially hangared in Twin Peaks for spares removal by CAL ..reg cancelled 18/05/18
Picture credit Malcolm Bradbury

VT-JLB Boeing 737-7Q8 (28250) ex JetKonnect ..arrived 01/04/18 from VABB/Mumbai via LTAC/Ankara-Esemboga as JLL9002 scrapping area 06/18 and broken up c07/18
Picture credit IanG

LN-RPA Boeing 737-683 (28290) ex SAS ..arrived 19/02/18 from ENGM/Oslo as SA9121 scrapping area 06/18 and broken up c07/18
Picture credit StuC

SE-RJF Airbus A320-232 (1383) ex SAS ..arrived 12/02/18 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9219 scrapping area 05/18 and broken up c07/18
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPW Boeing 737-683 (28289) ex SAS ..arrived 12/02/18 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9121 scrapping area 05/18 and broken up c07/18

HB-IJF Airbus A320-214 (562) ex Swiss International Air Lines ..arrived 07/02/18 from LSZH/Zurich as SWR5206 scrapping area 04/18 ..broken up 04/18
Picture credit StuC

N187EC Embraer EMB-170LR (17000293) ex Air Costa ..arrived 29/01/18 from LPAR/Alverca via LSGG/Geneva scrapping area 04/18 ..broken up 05/18
Embraer 170LR ex Air Costa N187EC. GVA, January 29. 2018
Pictured at GVA credit Jean-Luc Altherr

LN-RCW Boeing 737-683 (28308) ex SAS ..arrived 25/01/18 from ESSA/Stockholm as SAS9145 scrapping area 04/18 and broken-up 05/18
Picture credit StuC 

LN-RRC Boeing 737-683 (28300) ex SAS ..arrived 22/01/18 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9121 scrapping area 03/18 and broken-up 05/18
Picture credit StuC

HB-IJB Airbus A320-214 (545) ex Swiss International Air Lines ..arrived 10/01/18 from LSZH/Zurich as SWR5208 scrapping area 02/18 ..broken up 03-04/18
Picture credit StuC

N186EC Embraer EMB-170LR (17000278) ex Air Costa ..arrived 21/12/17 from LPAR/Alverca via LSGG/Geneva scrapping area 04/18 ..broken up 05/18
Embraer 170LR Air Costa N186EC GVA 21/12/2017
Pictured at GVA credit Coco Altherr

G-ZBAP Airbus A320-214 (1605) ex Monarch ..arrived 15/12/17 from EHWO/Woensdrecht as SXI1752 ..noted 04/18 minus engines and other parts the scrapping area 05/18 and broken up c07/18
Picture credit StuC

G-POWI Airbus A320-233 (2791) ex Titan Airways ..arrived 11/12/17 from Stansted for end-of-lease storage ..reg cancelled 09/04/18 as PWFU scrapping area 05/18
Picture credit IanG

LN-RRD Boeing 737-683 (28301) ex SAS ..arrived 21/11/17 from Cardiff as SA9122 having diverted there from ENGM/Oslo 20/11/17 due to poor weather at St Athan scrapping area 01/18 ..broken up by 03/18
Picture credit IanG

LN-TUD Boeing 737-705 (28217) ex SAS ..arrived 16/11/17 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9121 scrapping area 01/18 and broken-up
Picture credit StuC

VP-BDY Airbus A319-112 (2442) Vim Airlines ..arrived 03/11/17 from LKMT/Ostrava on lease-return ..departed 31/01/18 to LIRN/Naples
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPZ Boeing 737-683 (28293) ex SAS ..arrived 20/10/17 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9270 scrapping area 01/18 ..broken up by 03/18
Picture credit StuC

G-CELK Boeing 737-330 (23530) ex Jet2 ..arrived 20/10/17 from Leeds-Bradford as EXS031E ..initially to Twin Peaks for engine removal, then to eCube apron scrapping area late 2017 ..fuselage only 02/18 ..broken-up 03/18
Picture credit StuC

EC-HGR Airbus A319-111 (1154) ex Iberia ..arrived 17/10/17 from LEMD/Madrid as IBE0031 scrapping area early 2018 and broken up 01-02/18 ..forward fuselage departed by road 08/02/18
Picture credit StuC

VP-BDZ Airbus A319-111 (2446) Vim Airlines ..arrived 12/10/17 from LTAI/Antalya on lease-return ..departed 17/03/18 to LIRN/Naples
Picture credit StuC

LN-RCU Boeing 737-683 (30190) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 14/09/17 from Stockholm as SAS9115 scrapping area late 2017 and broken up 12/17
Picture credit IanG

UR-WRQ Airbus A330-223 (296) ex Windrose Air ..arrived 01/08/17 from Kiev-Boryspil as WRC7001 "Windrose 7001" LZ-AWP by 22/03/18 scrapping area 08/18 ..broken-up 10/18
Picture credit IanG

EI-FCL Embraer ERJ-190LR (19000201) ..arrived 07/07/17 from Exeter as "EIFCL" (ex Borajet TC-YAI) scrapping area late 2017 ..broken up, cockpit only by 03/18
Picture credit StuC

2-TYAM Embraer ERJ-190LR (19000403) ..arrived 27/03/17 from Warsaw as "2TYAM" (ex Borajet TC-YAM) scrapping area 06/17 and broken up
Picture credit StuC

LZ-AWA Airbus A330-223 (255) ex Balkan Holidays ..arrived 17/03/17 from LBSF/Sofia as BGH1001
Airbus A330 -223 LZ-AWA
Picture credit James Thomas

G-BNLX Boeing 747-436 (25435) ex British Airways ..arrived 11/02/16 from Cardiff as BAW9154, registration cancelled 11/03/16 scrapping area c09/17 and broken up with upper forward fuselage saved, this section still present 11/18
Picture credit StuC

XV177 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4182) ..arrived 29/10/13 as "Reynard 1" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp 10/16.
Hercules C.3 XV177 7 Aug 14
Picture credit James Thomas

XV200 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4223) ..arrived 18/04/13 as "Ascot 702" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp mid 2016 scrapping area 11/18
Hercules C.1s 31 Jul 16
Picture credit James Thomas

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