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Header Picture: Tornado GR.4T ZA612 now on display at SWAM ..picture credit Gary Spoors

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Boards Friday 16/03/2017

Scheduled Arrivals

08:40ENT500Enterair 500Grenoble IsèreSP-ESA-
08:40ENT570Enterair 570Grenoble IsèreSP-ENN-
08:45HAT8400Skyrunner 4800Lyon Saint Exupéry9H-GTCLate, 09:45 
08:50ENT563Enterair 563Paris CDGSP-ENL-
09:00BE4564Jersey 9PVParis CDGG-FBEN-
09:00ENT550Enterair 588Grenoble IsèreSP-ESB-
09:00MYX8541Tallinn Cat 8541Paris CDGES-SAK-
09:10FPO831French Post 831Nantes AtlantiqueF-GIXT-
09:25ENT505Enterair 505HGrenoble IsèreSP-ENM-
09:35KL1059KLM 13NAmsterdamPH-BGQ-
09:40BE4552Jersey 2BGBelfast CityG-FBEL-
09:45BE7615Eastflight 7615RAF ValleyG-MAJG-
09:45LLP8271Skypol 8271Bordeaux MérignacSX-ORGLate, 19:20
09:50ENT501Enterair 501Toulouse BlagnacSP-ENW-
10:00BE4522Jersey 6MEDublinG-JECZ-
10:10AXE4430Galileo 4430Lyon Saint ExupéryOM-JEX-
10:45HQ9501Phœnix 9501Paris OrlyOO-TCX-
10:50ENT548Enterair 548Paris CDGSP-ENQ-
11:10FPO805French Post 805Paris CDGF-GZTA-
11:50AP5177Albastar 5177Toulouse BlagnacEC-LNC-
12:15CRL824Corsair 824Paris OrlyF-HSKY-
12:20HQ9512Phœnix 9512Toulouse BlagnacOO-TCT-
12:30TDR230Tradeair 230Paris CDGSX-ORG-
12:55ATV101GAvanti Air 101GToulouse BlagnacD-ASTY-
13:00BE4566Jersey 2DTParis CDGG-FBEN-
13:20FPO833French Post 833Nantes AtlantiqueF-GIXT-
13:30MYX8542Tallinn Cat 8542Paris CDGES-SAK-
13:40BE4568Jersey 5DNParis CDGG-FBEL-
13:45BE4518Jersey 4BKGlasgowG-JECZ-
13:45ENT551Enterair 551Toulouse BlagnacSP-ESB-
13:55ENT506Enterair 506Bordeaux MérignacSP-ENM-
13:55ENT571Enterair 571Toulouse BlagnacSP-ENN-
14:00ENT511HEnterair 511HMarseille ProvenceSP-ESA-
14:00LLP8273Skypol 8273Bordeaux MérignacSP-ENULate, 19:48
14:25ENT502Enterair 502Bordeaux MérignacSP-ENW-
15:10AXE4431Galileo 4430Lyon Saint ExupéryOM-JEX-
15:20ENT565Enterair 565Lyon Saint ExupérySP-ENL-
15:50BE7653Eastflight 85FAberdeen/NewcastleG-MAJC-
16:55KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-EXI-
17:15BE4584Jersey 7TKJerseyG-FLBC-
17:30BE7619Eastflight 7619RAF ValleyG-MAJG-
18:10ENZ930Enzo 930StanstedG-JOTR-
18:10TOM6555TUI Air 18CTenerife SurG-FDZB-
18:35BE4526Jersey 2BYDublinG-FBEL-
18:55BE4556Jersey 6CFMunichG-FBEN-
19:20HQ9514Phœnix 9514Bordeaux MérignacOO-TCX-
19:30IGA702Iguana 702Paris Le BourgetSP-MRB-
20:45BE4558Jersey 1JTBelfast CityG-FLBC-
21:40KL1069KLM 27HAmsterdamPH-EXG-
22:05BE4508Jersey 347EEdinburghG-FBEN-
22:05BE4528Jersey 7VEDublinG-FBEL-
Scheduled Departures

05:30BE4563Jersey 1CKParis CDGG-FBEN-
06:00KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-EXN-
06:55BE4521Jersey 1UYDublinG-JECO-
07:00BE4551Jersey 7LTBelfast CityG-FBEL-
07:35BE7614Eastflight 7614RAF ValleyG-MAJG-
08:40TOM6554TUI Air 7HXTenerife SurG-FDZB-
09:25ENT511PEnterair 511PMarseille ProvenceSP-ESA-
09:25ENT571kEnterair 571KToulouse BlagnacSP-ENN-
09:30BE4565Jersey 794FParis CDGG-FBEN-
09:45ENT551LEnterair 551LToulouse BlagnacSP-ESB-
09:45HAT800PSkyrunner 800PLyon Saint Exupéry9H-GTCLate, 11:22 
09:45MYX9541Tallinn Cat 9541Paris CDGES-SAK-
10:00FPO832FFrench Post 832FNantes AtlantiqueF-GIXT-
10:05ENT506PEnterair 506PBordeaux MérignacSP-ENM-
10:05ENT565PEnterair 565PLyon Saint ExupérySP-ENL-
10:10BE4567Jersey 8XPParis CDGG-FBEL-
10:20KL1060KLM 14NAmsterdamPH-BGQ-
10:30BE4517Jersey 6XFGlasgowG-JECZ-
10:35ENT502PEnterair 502PBordeaux MérignacSP-ENW-
11:00AXE444PGalileo 444PLyon Saint ExupéryOM-JEX-
11:30HQ513FPhœnix 513Bordeaux MérignacOO-TCX-
11:45ENT542PEnterair 542PParis CDGSP-ENQ-
12:00FPO841FFrench Post 841FIbizaF-GZTA-
13:00AP965PAlbastar 965PParis CDGEC-LNC-
13:00HQ501FPhœnix 501FBrusselsOO-TCT-
13:30ATV1FAvanti Air 1FToulouseD-ASTY-
14:00BE4555Jersey 1PHMunichG-FBEN-
14:10FPO834FFrench Post 834FParis OrlyF-GIXT-
14:15MYX9542Tallinn Cat 9542Paris CDGES-SAK-
14:30LLP9271Skypol 9271Lyon Saint ExupérySX-ORG-
14:45CRL025Corsair 025Paris OrlyF-HSKY-
15:00BE4583Jersey 2TBJerseyG-JECZ-
15:25BE7618Eastflight 7618RAF ValleyG-MAJG-
15:40BE4525Jersey 2RNDublinG-FBEL-
16:20BE7656Eastflight 7656NewcastleG-MAJC-
17:25KL1064KLM 72MAmsterdamPH-EXI-
18:00BE4557Jersey 4GVBelfast CityG-FLBC-
19:05BE4507Jersey 398REdinburghG-FBEL-
19:25BE4527Jersey 3BZDublinG-FBEN-
20:00HQ514FPhœnix 514FManchesterOO-TCX-
20:45LLP9274Skypol 9274WarsawSP-ENU-
21:00TOM8108TUI Air 8108CardiffG-FDZBNorthern Lights Charter
21:35IGA715Iguana 715DinardSP-MRB-

SP-ESB - Picture credit Matthew Blunt
SP-ESA - Picture credit Matthew Blunt
SX-ORG - Picture credit Matthew Blunt
D-ASTY - Picture credit Mark Pearce
SP-ENQ - Picture credit Mark Pearce
9H-GTC - Picture credit Mark Pearce
PH-BGQ - Picture credit Mark Pearce
SP-ENL - Picture credit Mark Pearce
ES-SAK - Picture credit Mark Pearce
SP-ENW - Picture credit Mark Pearce
G-TUIC - Picture credit Mark Pearce
F-HSKY - Picture credit Matthew Blunt

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