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Header Picture: USN/VR-56 C-40A Clipper 166694 c/s "Convoy 4519" landing at Cardiff from Chania 25th April 2021 ..picture credit IanG

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Log Sunday 04/06/2017

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30

Visitors - Routine
Landing at 17:46 from the South on a full emergency with "numerous aircraft issues" is "N914GDShort SD360-300 N914GD ..parking on Golf (full Ex Air Seychelles livery)
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 21:53 is "EILIM" AW139 EI-LIM ..parking on the Cambrian apron ..departed at 22:20 
Landing at 22:40 from Stansted is Gulfstream G550 N524VE ..parking on the Cambrian apron 

Visitors - Football
Parked Southside is Bombardier Challenger 850 9H-ILZ ..departed at 11:23 to Moscow as VJT647 "Vistajet 647"
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Parked Southside is Global 6000 CS-GLB ..departed at 00:34 as NJE846T "Fraction 846T"
Parked Southside is Cessna 680A Citation Latitude CS-LTA ..departed at 00:49 as NJE549C "Fraction 549C"
Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ D-CEFO ..departed at 14:19 to Munich as AHO321L "Air Hamburg 321L"
Parked Southside is Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign D-CEIS ..departed at 11:47 as EFD888 "Everflight 888"
Parked Southside is Falcon 900B EC-JBB ..departed at 00:36 as TGM071B "TAG Espania 071B"
Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation Excel EC-KOL ..departed at 01:40 as GES122 "Gestair 122"
Parked Southside is Falcon 7X EC-LLV ..departed at 00:38 as TGM021V "TAG Espania 021V"
Parked Southside is Falcon 900 T.18-3/45-42 ..departed at 00:05 as AME4597 "AME 4597"
Parked Southside is Falcon 900 T.18-4/45-43 ..departed at 00:25 as AME4501 "Airmil 4501" 
Parked Southside is Gulfstream G650 EI-LSN ..departed at 00:11 as "ECLSN"
Parked Southside is Beech 1900D F-GRYL ..departed at 00:19 as TJT670B "Twinjet 670B"
Parked Southside is Embraer Legacy 600 G-GLEG ..departed at 00:41 as LNX99EG "Lonex 99EG"
Parked Southside is Falcon 900EX HA-LKN ..departed at 10:16 as HKH1 "Hawk Hungary 1"
Parked Southside is Global 6000 M-AAAL ..departed at 08:11 to LGZA/Zakinthos
Parked Southside is Gulfstream 550 N94924 ..departed at 00:18 as EJM949 "Jetspeed 949"
Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS OE-GZK ..departed at 09:41 as IJM369 "Jet Management 369"
Parked Southside is Bombardier Challenger 350 OE-HDC ..departed at 12:41 to Farnborough as LDM18 "Lauda Motion 18"
Parked Southside is Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 OK-FCY ..departed at 12:04 to LJLJ/Ljubljana as ECC522 "Eclair 522"
Parked Southside is Beech B200GT King Air SP-URS ..departed at 00:30 as "SPURS"
Parked Southside is Rebublique Gabonaise Gulfstream G650ER TR-KGM ..departed at 00:53 as "Gabon 01"
Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ YU-RDA ..departed at 10:24 as "YURDA"
Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS OE-GOL ..departed at 00:03 as AOJ57L "Asterix 57L"
Parked Southside is Gulfstream 200 EC-KBC ..departed at 01:32 as EXU172 "EXU 172"
Parked Southside is Falcon 7X D-APLC ..departed at 10:13 as BVR60 "Bavaria 60
Landing at 08:40 is Falcon 7X 9H-FCB ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Landing at 10:21 from Farnborough is NJE190M "Fraction 190M" Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 CS-PHD ..parking on the Cambrian apron ..departed at 11:42 to LFMN/Nice as NJE276Y "Fraction 276Y"
Landing at 10:50 (after a go-round at 10:37) from Farnborough is NJE299D "Fraction 299D" Cessna 560XL Citation XLS CS-DXH ..parking on the Cambrian apron ..departed at 11:44 as NJE317A "Fraction 317A"
Landing at 13:55 from Birmingham is Legacy 650 N8587H ..parking on the Cambrian apron ..departed at 14:31 to LFMD/Cannes 
Landing at 14:14 from Biggin Hill is LXG22A "Lux Aviation 22A" Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ D-ITMA ..parking on Golf ..departed at 14:36 to LSGG/Geneva with the same c/s 
Landing at 16:11 from LHBP/Budapest is "Hawk Hungary 1" Falcon 900EX EASy HA-LKN ..parking on the Cambrian apron ..departed at 16:39 back to Budapest with the same c/s 
Landing at 20:28 from Stansted is SXN50J  "Saxonair 50J" Legacy 500 G-SUEJ ..parking on the Cambrian apron 

Training Flights & Flybys
Training today was:
"EILIM" AW139 EI-LIM ..touch and go 20:00 and departed to the East

Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
Parked on Echo is Boeing 737-79T BBJ VP-BWR ..departed at 00:01 as "VPBWR"
Landing at 00:09 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9963 "Alitalia 9963" A320 I-BIKA ..parking on stand 16
Landing at 00:18 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is AZA9988 "Alitalia 9988" A332 I-EJGA ..parking on stand 7
Landing at 00:22 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9983 "Alitalia 9983" A320 EI-DSB ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 00:28 from Stansted is AWC202Y "Zap 202Y" B763 G-POWD ..parking on stand 10
Landing at 00:44 from LIPX/Verona is LAV989P "Alba Star 989P" B738 OM-NAS ..parking at BAMC 
Landing at 00:47 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9945 "Alitalia 9945" A319 EI-IMJ ..parking on stand 5
Landing at 00:51 from LEPA/Palma is VLG1242 "Vueling 12CW" A320 EC-LOP ..parking on stand 13
Landing at 00:55 from LIEE/Cagliari is NOS8942 "Moonflower 8942" B734 EC-MFS ..parking on stand 4
Landing at 01:00 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9947 "Alitalia 9947" A321 I-BIXS ..parking on stand 2
Landing at 01:04 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is AZA9971 "Alitalia 9971" A320 EI-DTH ..parking on stand 11
Landing at 01:22 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9978 "Alitalia 9978" A321 I-BIXR ..parking on stand 9
Landing at 01:45 from LEBL/Barcelona is VLG7797 "Vueling 7797" A320 EC-JTQ ..parking on stand 16
Landing at 02:07 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9985 "Alitalia 9985" A320 EI-DTB ..parking on stand 13
Landing at 02:10 from Bournemouth is MSA9093 "Mistral 9093" B734 OM-GTB ..parking on stand 7
Landing at 02:18 from LEPA/Palma is LAV998P "Alba Star 998P" B734 EC-LTG ..parking on stand 15
Landing at 02:45 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is ISS8064 "Merair 8064" B738 EI-FNU ..parking at BAMC 
Landing at 02:57 from Stansted is AWC124Y "Zap 124Y" B752 G-ZAPX ..parking on stand 10
Landing at 02:59 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9973 "Alitalia 9973" A321 EI-DTK ..parking at BAMC 
Landing at 03:02 from LIMF/Turin is BMS9763 "Blue Messenger 9763" B734 YR-BAZ ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 03:04 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9954 "Alitalia 9954" A321 EI-IXV ..parking at BAMC 
Landing at 03:10 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9969 "Alitalia 9969" A320 EI-DSU ..parking on stand 17
Landing at 03:16 from Stansted is AWC320P "Zap 320P" A320 G-POWK ..parking at BAMC 
Landing at 03:19 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9965 "Alitalia 9965" A320 EI-DSY ..parking on stand 9
Landing at 03:23 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9943 "Alitalia 9943" A320 I-BIKI ..parking on stand 4
Landing at 03:25 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is HAT301P "Sky Runner 301P" B734 9H-ZAZ ..parking on stand 5
Landing at 03:35 from Bournemouth is KRP4617 "Carpatair 4617" F100 YR-FZA ..parking on stand 11
Landing at 04:49 from Manchester is MAS9065 "Mistral 9065" B733 EI-FGX ..parking at BAMC  
Landing at 05:41 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9964 "Alitalia 9964" A320 I-BIKO ..parking at BMAC
Landing at 06:04 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9942 "Alitalia 9942" A319 EI-IMM ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 05:57 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is VLG7757 "Vueling 7757" A320 EC-MAO ..parking on stand 9
Landing at 06:10 from LIMF/Turin Casselle is AZA9920 "Alitalia 9920" A320 I-BIKA ..parking on stand 13
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 06:34 from Dublin is BCY360P "City Ireland 360P" RJ85 EI-RJC ..parking on stand 11
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 07:17 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is VLG7769 "Vueling 7769" A320 EC-LVT ..parking on stand 9
Landing at 07:49 from LIMF/Turin is ERN9009 "Ernest 9009" A319 EI-FVG ..parking at BAMC
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 07:56 from LIMC/Milan Malpensa is BPA9880 "Blue Panorama 9880" B734 I-BPAC ..parking at BMAC
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 08:25 from LIMF/Turin is VLG7773 "Vueling 7773" A320 EC-JTQ ..parking on stand 12
Landing at 08:42 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is VLG7756 "Vueling 7756" A320 EC-MKM ..parking on stand 13
Landing at 08:56 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9906 "Alitalia 9906" A321 I-BIXS ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 09:35 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is VLG7787 "Vueling 7787" A320 EC-MQE ..parking on stand 3
Landing at 09:53 from LFBZ/Biarritz is SRN249 "Sprintair 249" SF34 SP-KPC ..parking at BAMC
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 09:59 from LRRF/Rome Fiumicino is AZA9916 "Alitalia 9916" A320 I-BIXQ ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 10:05 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9958 "Alitalia 9958" A320 I-BIXR ..parking at BAMC
Landing at 10:46 from LEMD/Madrid is ANE3832 "Nostru Air 3832" CRJ9 EC-JYV ..parking on stand 17
Landing at 11:33 from LEMD/Madrid is IBE2804 "Iberia 2804" A321 EC-JRE ..parking on stand 12
Landing at 12:06 from LIMF/Turin is AZA9975 "Alitalia 9975" A332 I-EJGA ..parking on stand 7
Landing at 12:34 from LEMD/Madrid is IGA721 "Iguana 721" SF34 SP-MRB ..parking on stand 11
Picture credit Mark Pearce  

Landing at 13:49 from Bournemouth is AEH644F "Aerocutter 644F" E135 F-GRGP ..parking on stand 11 ..departed at 14:53 to LIRP/Pisa as AEH662 "Aerocutter 662
Landing at 14:12 from LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is VLG7761 "Vueling 7761" A320 EC-MAH ..parking on stand 12
Landing at 17:18 from LEMD/Madrid is IBE2852 "Iberia 2852" A346 EC-KZI ..parking on stand 6
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Based Aircraft Movements
Residents active today: G-SKBD 

MOD St Athan Runway in use 25
Residents active today: G-CILN, G-CILPG-NWOI 

Interesting OTT
01:44 EB FL350 at CDF "Reach 961" C-17A 01-0193
18:52 WB FL210 at DIKAS LYC408 "Lynden 408" L-100 P4-LAS 

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