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Header Picture: Hawker Hunter F.6A G-KAXF/N-294 on air test at St Athan 14th May 2021 ...picture credit Mark Parsons

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Log Saturday 03/06/2017

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30

Parked Southside is Dassault Falcon 7X P4-GIS ..departed at 23:39 to Kiev as "P4GIS"
Parked Southside is Bombardier Challenger 350 OE-HDC 
Parked Southside is Falcon 900EX HA-LKN ..departed at 07:17 to LIMF/Turin Casselle as HKH1 "Hawk Hungary 1" ..landed back 13:27 parking back on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Parked Southside is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ YU-RDA 
Parked Southside is Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 OK-FCY 
Parked Southside is Gulfstream G550 N510SR ..departed at 23:41 as "N510SR"
Parked Southside is Bombardier Challenger 850 9H-ILZ 
Parked Southside is Cessna 560 Citation XLS OE-GOL 
Picture credit Phil Watkins

Landing at 11:45 is EFD888 "Everflight 888" Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign D-CEIS ..parking Southside ..
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 11:47 is AHO301L "Air Hamburg 301L" Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ D-CEFO ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Phil Watkins Landing

Landing c11:55 is Gulfstream G450 N918LL ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:30 to Luton as "N918LL"
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 11:57 is BVR60 "Bavaria 60Falcon 7X D-APLC ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 12:09 is EJM949 "Jet Speed 949" Gulfstream 550 N94924 ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Jac Osborne

Landing at 12:32 from Brussels is Cessna 560XL Citation XLS CS-DXH ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 13:32 as NJE759Q "Fraction 759Q"
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Landing at 12:35 is NJE006P "Fraction 006P" Global 6000 CS-GLB ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 13:21 to Farnborough as NJE536Q "Fraction 936Q"
Picture credit Phil Watkins 

Landing at 12:37 from Brussels is "Twinjet 670A" Beech 1900D F-GRYL ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Ian Jenkins 

Landing at 12:40 is "Lonex 99EG" Legacy 600 G-GLEG ..parking on the Southside

Picture credit Hugh Trainer

Landing at 12:44 is Gulfstream 200 EC-KBC ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Ian Jenkins
Landing at 12:54 from Luton is LNX50GL "Lonex 50GL" Legacy 600 G-LALE ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:17 with the same c/s

Picture credit Phil Watkins

Landing at 13:50 from LEMD/Madrid-Barajas is GES121 Cessna 560XL Citation Excel EC-KOL ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Hugh Trainer 

Landing at 13:52 is "Gama 625" Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ G-OJER ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 14:41 with the same c/s G-OJER Picture credit Phil Watkins 
Landing at 14:43 is TGM021V "TAG Espania 021V" Falcon 7X EC-LLV ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce  

Landing at 14:51 is NJE177H "Fraction 177H" Cessna 680A Citation Latitude CS-LAU ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 15:58 to Farnborough as NJE210W "Fraction 210W"
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Landing at 15:00 is Global 5000 VP-CBF ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 22:25 to Moscow as "VPCBF"
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 15:05 is Global 6000 M-AAAL ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce  

Landing at 15:19 is TGM071B "TAG Espania 071B" Falcon 900B EC-JBB ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Landing at 16:26 is NJE767Y "Fraction 767Y" Cessna 680A Citation Latitude CS-LTA ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Landing at 16:28 is EXU181 Falcon 2000 EC-HYI ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:33 as EXU182 "EXU 182"
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 16:37 is "Glacier 40D" Beech B200 Super King Air HB-GIL ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:22 as AGV41D "Air Glacier 41D"
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Landing at 16:40 is Hawker 900XP OK-HWK ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:48 as "OKHWK"
Picture credit Jac Osborne

Landing at 17:02 from Farnborough is NJE382A "Fraction 382A" Global 6000 CS-GLB ..parking on the Southside
Picture credit Phil Watkins 

Landing at 17:09 from Biggin Hill is PNC4SS "Prince 4SS" Dassault Falcon 2000LXS YU-FSS ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:09 with the same c/s
Landing c17:25 is AME4597 "Airmil 4597" Falcon 900 T.18-3/45-42 ..parking on the Southside
Landing c17:50 is AME4501 "Airmil 4501" Falcon 900 T.18-4/45-43 ..parking on the Southside
Landing at 18:12 from Luton is Gulfstream G650 EI-LSN ..parking on the Southside
Landing at18:18 is IAM3194 "Italian Air Force 3194" Dassault Falcon 900EX MM62210 ..parking on the Southside ..departed at 23:36 with the same c/s
Landing at 18:21 from Gloucester is LEA011P "Leadair 011P" Hawker 800XP F-HBFP ..parking Southside ..departs at 23:55 to Paris Le Bourget with the same c/s
Landing at 18:25 from EPMO/Warsaw Modlin is Beech B200GT King Air SP-URS ..parking on the Southside
Landing at 19:00 from Stansted is "Gabon 1" Rebublique Gabonaise Gulfstream G650ER TR-KGM ..parking on the Southside
Landing sometime (c11:40 ?) was EXU281 Gulfstream G200 EC-KRN ..parked Southside ..departed at 23:51 as EXU282 "EXU 282"
Landing sometime was Cessna 560XL Citation Excel OO-FTS ..parked Southside ..departed at 23:58 as AAB032 "AvLux 032"
Landing sometime was IJM369 "Jet Management 369Cessna 560XL Citation XLS OE-GZK ..parked Southside

Training Flights & Flybys
Training today were:

Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
Departing at 01:18 to Rome-Flumicino is VLG7768 "Vueling 7768" A320 EC-MAO 
Departing at 03:25 to Rome-Flumicino is VLG7759 "Vueling 7759" A32O EC-HQL   
Departing at 03:37 to Rome-Leonardo da Vinci Flumicino is AZA9981 "Alitalia 9981" A320 EI-IKU 
Departing at 05:16 to Rome-Leonardo da Vinci Flumicino is AZA9968 "Alitalia 9968" A320 EI-DSG   
Departing at 05:54 to Turin is AZA9940 "Alitalia 9940" A320 EI-DTB   
Departing at 06:44 to Milan is BPA9881 "Blue Panorama 9881" B734 I-BPAC  
Departing at 06:49 to Turin is AZA9961 "Alitalia 9961" A320 EI-IKL  
Departing at 07:31 to Turin is BMS9780 "Blue Air 9780" B734 YR-BAZ  
Departing at 07:30 to Rome-Flumicino as AZA9946 "Alitalia 8846" A321 EI-IXH   
Departing at 07:46 to Verona is LAV973P "Alba Star 973P" B734 EC-MFS  
Departing at 08:00 to Verona is LAV963P "Alba Star 963P" B738 OM-NAS   
Departing at 08:21 to Turin is AZA9972 "Alitalia 9972" A320 I-BIKO   
Departing at 08:38 to Milan is AZA9936 "Alitalia 9936" A319 EI-IMD   
Departing at 09:07 to EDDC/Dresden is ERN9008 "Ernest 9008" A319 EI-FVG   
Departing at 09:22 to Stansted is CSA6729 A319 OK-PET   
Departing at 09:38 as AWC757W B752 G-ZAPX
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 09:44 to Verona is AZA9957 "Alitalia 9957" A320 EI-DSB
Departing at 09:55 is HAT300P "Skyrunner 300P" B734 9H-ZAZ
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 10:09 to Milan is VLG7770 "Vueling 7770" A320 EC-LVT  
Departing at 10:14 to Rome is VLG7754 "Vueling 7754" A320 EC-MKM    
Departing at 11:02 is AWC320P A320 G-POWK
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 11:06 is KPR4616 "Carpatair 4616" F100 YR-FZA
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 11:40 to Rome is AZA9977 "Alitalia 9977" A320 I-BIXK   
Departing at 12:33 is AZA9987 "Alitalia 9987" A332 I-EJGA  
Departing at 12:55 is MSA9062 "Mistral Wings 9062" B733 EI-FGX
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 13:00 is AZA9941 "Alitalia 9941" A320 EI-DTB  
Departing at 13:17 to Rome is AZA9962 "Alitalia 9962" A320 EI-IKL  
Landing at 13:57 is AZA9539 "Alitalia 9539" A320 EI-IKB ..departed at 15:01 as AZA9959 "Alitalia 9959
Departing at 14:03 is ISS8065 "Meridiana 8065" B738 EI-FNU
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 14:17 is AZA9970 "Alitalia 9970" A320 EI-DTH
Picture credit Phil Watkins

Departing at 14:37 is "ZAP 767W" B763 G-POWD
Picture credit Phil Watkins

Departing at 14:45 is AZA9905 "Alitalia 9905" A320 I-BIKO  
Departing at 15:12 to Dublin is LAV908P "Albastar 908P" B738 OM-NAS
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Departing at 15:23 is AZA9950 "Alitalia 9950" A321 I-BIXP  
Landing at 15:38 from LIRP/Pisa at 14:30 is AEH661 "Aerocutter 661" E145 F-GRGP ..parking on stand 14 ..departed at 16:14 as AEH664 "Aerocutter 664
Departing at 15:51 is AZA9984 "Alitalia 9984" A320 EI-DSB    
Departing at 17:13 is IBE2807 "Iberia 2807" A346 EC-INO 
Departing at 17:49 is VLG7794 "Vueling 7794" A320 EC-JTR  
Departing at 18:10 is VLG7796 "Vueling 7796" A320 EC-JTQ 
Landing at 19:45 from Stansted is "VPBWR" Boeing 737-79T BBJ VP-BWR ..parking on Echo 
Landing at 21:24 from Madrid is IBE2810 "Iberia 2810" A332 EC-MJT 
Landing at 23:28 from LKPR/Prague is CSA6730 "CSA 6730" A319 OK-MEL ..parking on stand 17
Landing at 23:46 from LEBL/Barcelona is VLG7795 "Vueling 7795" A320 EC-JTR ..parking on stand 9

Cardiff Heliport
Helicopters which visited the Heliport for the event were -:
G-BXDS Bell Helicopter 206B Jet Ranger III c/n 2734
G-TREE Bell Helicopter B-3 Jet Ranger III   c/n 2826
G-WIZZ Agusta-Bell AB.206B Jet Ranger II   c/n 8540

G-ODSA Bell Helicopter 429 c/n57139
G-PRDH Aerospatiale AS.355F2 Ecureuil II c/n 5367
G-PDGT Aerospatiale AS.355F2 Ecureuil II c/n 5374 - television support aircraft
G-OASP Aerospatiale AS.355F2 Ecureuil II c/n 5479
G-OALI Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Ecureuil II c/n 5115
G-ORDH Aerospatiale AS.355N Ecureuil II c/n 5744
G-DCAM Eurocopter AS.355NP Ecureuil II c/n 5750
G-LCPL Aerospatiale AS.365N2 Dauphin c/n 6393
G-BTNC Aerospatiale AS.365N2 Dauphin c/n 6409
G-DOLF Aerospatiale AS.365N3 Dauphin c/n 6779
G-DLUX Eurocopter EC120B Colibri c/n1027
G-HEOI Eurocopter EC135P2+ c/n 0825
G-NWOI Eurocopter EC135P2+ c/n 0887
G-NSYS Eurocopter EC135T1 c/n0115
G-HBJT Eurocopter EC155B1 Dauphin c/n6807
G-CIZG Robinson R.66 c/n 0698
M-AKAR Sikorsky S-76C c/n 760506
G-HARA Sikorsky S-76C++ c/n 760684
G-ROON Sikorsky S-76C c/n 760781
G-LAWX Sikorsky S-92A c/n920007
G-SKBH Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22216
G-CHFD Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22262
G-IWFC Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22331
G-HLSA Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22336
G-PIFZ Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22355
G-KLNH Agusta Westland AW.109 SP GrandNew c/n22364
G-JBCB Agusta A-109E Power Elite c/n11168
G-IVIP Agusta A-109E Power c/n11208

G-SKBL Agusta A-109S Grand c/n22011

G-DEUP Agusta A-109S Grand c/n22058
G-EMHN Agusta A-109S Grand c/n22154

Based Aircraft Movements
Residents active today: G-SKBD 

BAMC Happenings

MOD St Athan Runway in use 25
Residents active today: G-CILPG-NWOI 

Interesting OTT
03:27 EB FL370 at CDF "Reach 545" C-17A 06-6167  

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