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Header Picture: USN/VR-56 C-40A Clipper 166694 c/s "Convoy 4519" landing at Cardiff from Chania 25th April 2021 ..picture credit IanG

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Boards Saturday 03/06/2017

Scheduled Arrivals

22:30 FriBE4514Jersey 7DEGlasgowG-JECF sat
22:45 FriVY7756Vueling 7756Rome FiumicinoEC-MAO 00:30 Late, Stand 12
01:45VY7758Vueling 7758Rome FiumicinoEC-HQL 02:15 Stand 12
02:35TOM6555Thomson 2XCTenerife SurG-TAWO 02:42
02:55AZ9542Alitalia 9542CataniaA320AlitaliaEI-IKU 02:39 Stand 16
03:40TOM6567Thomson 9MBPalma MallorcaG-TAWB 03:40
04:40AZ9525Alitalia 9525BolognaA320AlitaliaEI-DSG 04:28 Echo
04:50M48091Aermerci 8091BergamoB734Mistral AirOM-GTB 04:56 Stand 16
05:00AZ9510Alitalia 9510TurinA320AlitaliaEI-DTB 05:13 Stand 17
05:00AZ9520Alitalia 9520Milan MalpensaA320AlitaliaEI-IKL 05:35
05:55BV880Blue Panorama 880Milan MalpensaB738I-BPAC 05:49 Echo
06:35AZ9506Alitalia 9506Rome FiumicinoA321AlitaliaEI-IXH 06:40 Stand 
06:450B9761Blue Messenger 9761TurinB734Blue AirYR-BAZ 06:24

06:55AP5641Albastar 5641BergamoOM-NAS 06:36 Stand 16
06:55AP5965Albastar 5965VeronaEC-MFS 06:21 Echo
07:35AZ9529Alitalia 9529TurinA320AlitaliaI-BIKO 07:23 Echo
07:50ERN8014Ernest 8014Milan MalpensaA319Ernest ALEI-FVG 08:12
08:10HAT4300Sky Runner 4300Milan MalpensaB734Air Horizont9H-ZAZ 08:33 Stand 14
08:20AZ9519Alitalia 9519TurinA319AlitaliaEI-IMD 07:58 Echo
08:30OK6728CSA Lines 6728Milan MalpensaA319CSA Czech ALOK-PET 08:17
08:30ZT7123AWC 7TCTurinA320G-ZAPX 08:24 c/s change, Stand 6
08:40AZ9508Alitalia 9508TurinA320AlitaliaEI-DSB 08:37
08:55BE4502Jersey 5LBEdinburghG-FBEN 08:53
09:20AZI910Greek Star 910Milan MalpensaB463Astra ALYR-AVR 09:35
09:20VY7756Vueling 7756Rome FiumicinoEC-MKM  09:20
09:20VY7769Vueling 7769Milan MalpensaEC-LVT 09:01
09:30KL1059KLM 13NAmsterdamPH-BGF 09:20
09:35BE4522Jersey 5PZDublinG-JECF 09:26
09:55VY7791Vueling 7791Milan MalpensaEC-MQE 10:47 Stand ?
10:20AZ9502Alitalia 9502TurinA321AlitaliaI-BIXP 13:45 Stand 16
10:20ZT7121Zap 7121TurinA320G-POWK 10:07
10:30BE275Jersey 2XHJerseyG-JECJ10:43
10:30V32616Carpatair 2616Milan MalpensaYR-FZA 10:25 Stand 14
10:35AZ9511Alitalia 9511TurinA320AlitaliaEI-DTB 11:17 Stand 15
10:40AZ9521Alitalia 9521TurinA320AlitaliaEI-IKL 12:04 Stand ?
10:45VY7773Vueling 7773TurinEC-JTQ 10:22 Stand 8
10:50AP5747Albastar 5747Milan Malpensa

10:50AZ9535Alitalia 9535TurinA320AlitaliaI-BXIK 10:55 Stand 7
11:00AZ9541Alitalia 9541TurinA320AlitaliaI-EJGA 11:00 Stand 6
11:15IB2808Iberia 2808MadridA346EC-JPU 10:38 Echo 
11:40TOM6635Thomson 22CPalma MallorcaG-TAWO 11:27
11:45TOM6605Thomson 8EPIbizaG-TAWB 11:30
11:55VY1241Vueling 12AVAlicanteEC-JSY 11:52
12:00M48063Aermerci 8063Rome FiumicinoB734Mistral AirEI-FGX 11:58 Stand 17
12:40KL1061KLM 1061AmsterdamEI-EXL 12:50
12:45BV882Blue Panorama 882Milan MalpensaB738I-BPAC 13:15 Stand ?
12:45ERN8015Ernest 8015TurinA319Ernest ALEI-FVG 13:47 Echo
12:50BE4566Jersey 387KParis CDGG-FBEN 13:24
12:55BE4542Jersey 648ZRome FiumicinoG-FBEI 13:09
12:55MT1145Kestrel 83KLPalma MallorcaLY-VEL 12:57
13:00AZ9527Alitalia 9527Rome FiumicinoA320AlitaliaEI-DTH 12:45 Stand 11
13:00IG2064Meridiana 2064Milan MalpensaB763MeridianaEI-FNU 13:00 Stand 17
13:15AZ9538Alitalia 9538TurinA320AlitaliaI-BIKO 13:41 Stand 15
13:15BE6508Blue Island 508GuernseyG-ISLL 13:04
13:30ZT7125Zap 7125TurinB763G-POWD 13:38 Stand
14:00AP5863Albastar 5863Milan MalpensaOM-NAS 14:02 Stand 17
14:05VY1260Vueling 1260MalagaEC-LVS 14:05
14:15AZ9509Alitalia 9509VeronaA320AlitaliaEI-DSB 14:35 Stand 13
14:25BE284Jersey 7CABelfast CityG-ECOH 14:40
15:00VY7771Vueling 7771Milan MalpensaEC-LVT 14:58
15:15IB2806Iberia 2806MadridA346EC-INO 15:32Stand 6
15:55IB2812Iberia 2812MadridEC-JDR 15:42 Echo
16:00VY7757Vueling 7757Rome FiumicinoEC-MKM 16:41
16:20VY7793Vueling 7793Rome FiumicinoEC-JTR 16:55
16:30VY7775Vueling 7775TurinEC-JTQ 16:30
16:45KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-BGG 16:33
19:00BE4584Jersey 809AVeronaG-FBEN 19:18
19:15BE4592Jersey 5NBDüsseldorfG-ECOH 19:09
19:15TOM6645Thomson 3GDAlicanteG-TAWO 19:14
19:40MT1709Kestrel 74VJIbizaLY-VEL 21:38 Late
19:50BE4531Jersey 581KFaroG-FBEI 19:38
21:20IB2810Iberia 2810MadridA346EC-MJT 21:24
22:55TOM6659Thomson 39GLas PalmasG-TAWB 22:49
Scheduled Departures

06:00BE4501Jersey 7TEEdinburghG-FBEN 06:04
06:00TOM6604Thomson 7FXIbizaG-TAWB 06:10
06:00TOM6634Thomson 33VPalma MallorcaG-TAWO 06:07
06:05KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-EXM 06:23
06:55BE4521Jersey 1MDDublinG-JECF 07:09
07:05BE4541Jersey 704PRome FiumicinoG-FBEI 07:15
07:10MT1144Kestrel 72FBPalma MallorcaLY-VEL 07:27
09:25BE4565Jersey 239WParis CDGG-FBEN 09:40
10:00KL1060KLM 14NAmsterdamPH-BGF 10:28
11:15BE276Jersey 5XMJerseyG-JECF11:33
11:30BE283Jersey 618ABelfast CityG-JECJ 11:36
12:35VY1240Vueling 12YQAlicanteEC-JSY 14:48
13:10KL1062KLM 1062AmsterdamPH-EXL 13:29
13:25TOM6644Thomson 92EAlicanteG-TAWO 13:38
13:45BE6509Blue Island 509GuernseyG-ISLL 14:01
13:45TOM6658Thomson 7TWLas PalmasG-TAWB 14:13
13:50BE4583Jersey 9MJVeronaG-FBEN 14:29
13:50MT1708Kestrel 84LCIbizaLY-VEL 15:55
14:00BE4530Jersey 683LFaroG-FBEI 14:09
14:45VY1261Vueling 1261MalagaEC-LVS 15:10
15:10BE4591Jersey 968MDüsseldorfG-ECOH 15:26
17:25KL1064KLM 72MAmsterdamPH-BGG 17:25
20:40MT1736Kestrel 35HYBourgasLY-VEL 23:20 Late
20:40TOM6684Thomson 2KXKosG-TAWO 21:10
23:30IB2809Iberia 2806MadridA346

23:40IB2811Iberia 2806MadridA346

23:50IB2813Iberia 2812MadridEC-JDR

I-BIKO - Picture credit Phil Watkins
I-POWD - Picture credit Mark Pearce
EI-FVG - Picture credit Mark Pearce
I-BPAC - Picture credit Mark Pearce
EC-JPU - Picture credit Mark Pearce
YU-AVR - Picture credit Mark Pearce
PH-BGG - Picture credit Mark Pearce
PH-BGF - Picture credit Mark Pearce
YR-BAZ - Picture credit Mark Pearce
Picture credit Mark Pearce

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