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Header Picture: Royal Flight B77W VQ-BGL landing at Cardiff 3rd July 2020 loaded with PPE for COVID-19 key workers. "Royal Flight 602" came from Hefei, China via a short stop at Moscow-Sheremetyevo in Russia ..picture credit IanG

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Friday, December 25, 2015

St.Athan residents 2015

The following are current unless otherwise noted.
For movements at Horizon Aircraft Services, eCube Solutions and Cardiff Aviation see the relevant tabs at the top of the blog.
For 2012-2014 movements see 2012 2013 2014

University of Wales Air Squadron - callsign "UAWxx"
G-BYVS/VS Grob G.115E Tutor (82128/E) ..arrived 26/10/15 from Cranwell

G-BYVW/VW Grob G.115E Tutor (82132/E) ..departed 26/10/15 to Cranwell ..returned 11/11/15
Picture credit Mark Pearce

G-BYWA/WA Grob G.115E Tutor (82136/E) ..departed 23/11/15 to Cranwell
G-BYWA Grob Tutor
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BYWD/WD Grob G.115E Tutor (82139/E) ..departed 11/11/15 to Cranwell ..returned 23/11/15
Picture credit IanG

634 Volunteer Gliding Squadron - callsign "VGLxxx".
Unit haven't been flying since early 2014 due to the Vigilant grounding, status of the allocated a/c is unknown.
ZH209/UQ Grob Vigilant T.1 (6555)
ZH209/UQ Vigilant T.1
Picture credit Keith Morgan

ZJ962/SK Grob Vigilant T.1 (6550)
ZJ962/SK Grob Vigilant T.1
Picture credit Keith Morgan

NPAS St Athan - callsign "Police 32"
Formerly South & East Wales Police Air Support Unit, became part of the National Police Air Service (NPAS) 01/02/15

G-WONN Eurocopter EC.135T2+ (0597) ..departed 01/02/15 to Gloucester at end of Bond contract
Picture credit Matthew Blunt

G-CPAS Eurocopter EC.135P2+ (0920) ..arrived 01/02/15 ..departed on, or soon after, 07/06/15 to Gloucester for maintenance. Returned 10/07/15. Departed early 09/15.
Picture credit Derek Flewin

G-HEOI Eurocopter EC.135P2+ (0825) ..allocated to NPAS Filton as "Police 01" but, from 09/15, spends time here, sometimes operating as "Police 32"
G-HEOI Eurocopter EC.135 P2+
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-NWOI Eurocopter EC.135P2+ (0887) ..arrived 18/09/15
Picture credit Roger Winser

Bristow Group - callsign "Coastguard/Rescue 187/188"
Bristow SAR
Started operations on 04/10/15 from a new purpose-built hangar in the Southwestern corner of the airfield as part of the UK SAR contract. Two AgustaWestland AW139s are based initially until the AW189 comes on line.

G-CILN AgustaWestland AW139 (31586) ..arrived 01/09/15
Picture credit Gerallt Marsh

G-CILP AgustaWestland AW139 (31590) ..arrived 01/09/15
Picture credit Andy Pritchard

G-MCGM AgustaWestland AW189 (89001) ..arrived 19/12/15 

G-MCGP AgustaWestland AW189 (92003) ..arrived 19/12/15 

71 (Inspection & Repair) Squadron, 42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing
The unit moved to Wittering in 2014.

RAF/Marshall Aerospace 
Operation formed in 2013 to store/dispose of the remaining C-130K Hercules C.1/3 fleet and associated spares/GSE. Based in the "Superhangar".

XV177 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4182) ..arrived 29/10/13 as "Reynard 1"
XV177 Hercules C.3
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XV188 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4206) ..arrived 05/09/13 as "Ascot 719"
XV188 Hercules C.1
Picture credit James Thomas

XV196 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4217) ..arrived 04/09/13 as "Omen 2"
XV196 Hercules C.1
Picture credit James Thomas

XV200 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4223) ..arrived 18/04/13 as "Ascot 702"
XV200 Hercules C.1
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XV209 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4235) ..arrived 25/04/13 as "Ascot 715"
XV209 Hercules C.3A
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XV214 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4241) ..arrived 29/10/13 as "Reynard 2" ..moved to Twin Peaks area 09/15 for maintenance by Cascade Aviation C-FNUM 16/11/15 to I.M.P Group Ltd ..departed 09/12/15 to CYYT/St.Johns as UM214
XV214 Hercules C.3
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XV295 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4261) ..arrived 22/10/13 as "Reynard 1" ..moved to Twin Peaks apron 11/15 for maintenance by Marshalls Aerospace, re-serialled 8X-CZ 11/15 for the Austrian Air Force as a spares source ..departed 10/12/15 to Linz-Horsching as ASF99
XV188 Hercules C.1
Picture credit James Thomas

XV303 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4271) ..arrived 22/10/13 as "Reynard 2" ..moved to Twin Peaks apron 09/15 for maintenance by Cascade Aviation C-FNUL 16/11/15 to I.M.P Group Ltd ..departed 22/11/15 to CYYT/St.Johns as UL303
XV188 Hercules C.1
Picture credit James Thomas

ZD704 BAe.125 CC.3 (257194) ..arrived by road from Brize Norton on 20/11/13. This was substantially damaged in a severe hail storm at Kandahar, Afghanistan, probably on 23/04/13. Departed during 2014 to the Marshalls facility at Hawarden.

Special Forces Support Group 
VN-A190 Boeing 737-4H6 (27383) ..fuselage only arrived late May/early June 2013 from Kemble for training purposes
Picture credit StuC, taken at Kemble

International Air Response

N121TG Lockheed C-130A Hercules (3119) ..based at Cardiff but has spent time here on maintenance.

Picture credit Mark Pearce

Dragon Aircraft Engineering 

Based in Hangar 385.
We don't know when the Company started or when the aircraft arrived.
The following were believed to be present in 09/14:

CS-ARI Robin HR.100-210 Safari (159) ..fuselage
Pictured at Cranfield on 29/07/12 by StuC
CS-DAI OGMA DHC-1 Chipmunk T20 (OGMA-30) ..dismantled
CS-DAJ OGMA DHC-1 Chipmunk T20
 (OGMA-32) ..dismantled
(CS- ) ? DHC-1 Chipmunk ..grey primer, under restoration
G-AOS? de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 ..rear fuselage, silver
WB645/8218M de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 
(C1/0085) ..fuselage, no cockpit
unmarked DHC-1 Chipmunk ..grey primer
unmarked de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10

Also thought to have been with the Company, arriving in March 2013 from South Africa via Felixstowe docks, were the remains of:
ZS-APD de Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth (8163)
ZS-ROY de Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth (8117)
ZS-UKX Bellanca 14-13-3 (1633)
all three were stored in containers and have since departed.

Private Residents
Hangared with Horizon. Some spend time at Cardiff.

G-ASUP Cessna F172E Skyhawk (F172-0071) ..arrived 15/10/12 from Cardiff
G-ASUP Cessna F.172E
Picture credit Keith Morgan  

G-AZCZ Beagle B.121 Pup Series 2 (B121-167) ..St.Athan/Cardiff
Picture credit Jac Osborne

G-AZOF AESL Airtourer T5 Super 150 (A549) ..St.Athan/Cardiff
Picture credit IanG

G-BBTY Beech C23 Sundowner (M-1525) ..St.Athan/Cardiff
Picture credit RichT

G-BNPH/WV740 Percival Pembroke C.1 ..arrived 04/05/12
Picture credit StuC

G-BVGH/XL573 Hawker Hunter T.7 (HABL-003360) ..arrived 15/12/11
XL573 G-BVGH Hunter T.7
Pictures credit Keith Morgan

G-BWGF/XW325 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/989) ..arrived 17/05/12
XW325/E G-BWGF Provost T.5B
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BYCT Aero L-29A Delfin (395142) ..arrived by road 22/02/12. Sold 06/08/12 and departed 04/09/14 to North Weald. Arrived back 03/12/14.
G-BYCT L-29 Delfin
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BZNT Aero L-29 Delfin (893019) ..arrived by road 16/02/12, restored and repainted 2014.
G-BZNT L-29 Delfin
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-CBAN/XX668/I Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 ..first noted 04/11 in UWAS hangar. CofA expired 21/05/10 with a Bristol owner. Moved to HFL 08/12 for restoration. First flight post maintenance 05/04/14. Departed 04/15 to Yeovilton.
Picture credit StuC

G-DLFN Aero L-29 Delfin (294872) ..arrived by road 24/05/12 as D-FJET.
G-DLFN L-29 Delfin
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-JANN Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III (3433133) ..St.Athan/Cardiff
Picture credit Jac Osborne

G-MERL Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV (28R-7918036) ..St.Athan/Cardiff
G-MERL PA-28 Arrow IV
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-OMJT Rutan Long-EZ (PFA 74A-10703) ..arrived 07/09/15 from Prestwick
Picture credit Andrew Daniel

WT723/LM:692 Hawker Hunter PR.11 (41H-670690) ..arrived 15/12/11 
WT723/692-LM G-PRII Hunter PR.11
new colours 03/14 - Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-PSST Hawker Hunter F.58A (HABL-003115) ..arrived 15/12/11
Picture credit Mark Pearce

G-VLTT Diamond DA.42 Twin Star (42.AC116) ..arrived 23/05/12 as SP-DLP, re-registered on 10/09/12 
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

G-WEFR Alpi Pioneer 200-M (218) ..arrived 21/09/12
Picture credit Mark Pearce

G-YAKC Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 25/03/14
G-YAKC Yak-52
Picture credit Keith Morgan

N2401Z Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F (27-8054034) ..arrived early 2012
N2401Z PA-23-350 Aztec F
Picture credit Keith Morgan


N5043X Cessna 172C (172-49424) ..arrived 08/12/14 by road to be converted to a travelling flight simulator for the Air Cadets
Picture credit StuC 

Stored near the church and in the area where the VC-10s were scrapped is the fuselage of a Eurofighter. This is non-flying Major Test Item "JP098", used for wing attachment box trials by EADS Munich. It arrived at St.Athan on 11/07/02 and was at first stored by the Battle Damage Repair Training School before passing to the NDT School. For many years it was stored near the old Harrier engine running pan. Last seen 03/09/14.
Picture credit Richard E Flagg

Horizon Aircraft Services (formally Hunter Flying Ltd)
Moved in from Exeter in December 2011 and are based in one of the hangars nearest St.Athan village. They provide hangarage and maintenance support to based private a/c and carry out long/short term maintenance/restoration work. Renamed in 10/13.
The following are believed to be current on restoration, maintenance or storage only. See "St.Athan - Residents" tab for active a/c hosted by HAS.
For 2012-2014 movements see 2012 2013 2014

801 Hawker Hunter T.66B centre fuselage only ..arrived c.01/12 ..stored. Not seen 11/15.
Hunter Flying 01/10/12
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-APXX/"VH-FDT" de Havilland DHA.3 Drover II ..arrived 05/08/13 from Wycombe Air Park
VH-FDT Drover (Really VH-EAS)
Picture credit Keith Morgan

(G-ARMF)/WZ868/H de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22A (C1/0394) ..arrived 2015, wreck, crashed 19/06/96 Top Farm Croydon, 7255.50 FH
Picture credit RichT

G-AZRP Victa Airtourer T.2 (A.529) ..wreck arrived c07/15 by road after force-landing 18/07/15 near Llangorse Lake, Powys ..not seen 11/15

G-BMDP Partenavia P-64B Oscar 200 ..arrived by road circa 09/12/14
G-BMDP Partenavia P64B Oscar 200
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BMFG Dornier Do.27A-4 ..arrived 22/07/15 for maintenance
Picture credit StuC

G-BMJY/07y Yakovlev C-18A ..arrived 20/02/15 for maintenance ..departed 28/07/15 to Kemble
G-BMJY (07y) Yakovlev  C18M
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BRFC/WP321 Percival Sea Prince T.1 ..arrived 28/05/12 by road for restoration
Picture credit James Thomas  

G-BVEZ/XM479 BAC Jet Provost T.3A ..arrived 27/05/15
XM479 G-BVEZ Provost T.3A
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BWFT/XL602/VL Hawker Hunter T.8M ..sectioned fuselage/wings, arrived by road 16/01/12, stored. Rear fuselage only seen 11/15
Picture credit James Thomas
XL602 G-BWFT Hunter T.8M Centre Section
Picture credit Keith Morgan
XL602 G-BWFT Hunter T.8M Tail Section
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BWGL/N-321 Hawker Hunter T.8C ..arrived 04/03/15 from Leeuwarden for maintenance ..departed 01/05/15

G-CDJJ Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 2015 by road
Picture credit StuC

G-CGVA Aeroprakt A22-L Foxbat ..first noted 25/03/15
G-CGVA Aeroprakt A22
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-CLAX Jurca MJ.5 Sirocco (PFA 2204) ..uncompleted. Cancelled 27/02/12, restored to register 24/08/15.
Unidentified Sirocco
Picture credit IanG

G-CONY/N22746 BAe Jetstream 3101 ..arrived from Humberside by road on 25/10/14. Had arrived by air at Humberside on 04/09/12.

G-DACA/WF118/569 Percival P.57 Sea Prince T.1 ..arrived by road from Charlwood 05/09/12
WF118/CU-569 Sea Prince C.1
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-DEWD/12 Pitts S-12 Monster (LAA 349-15010) ..arrived by road 08/15, unflown G-PMIZ 09/12/15 to a Folkestone owner, so may have departed
Picture credit StuC

G-ECBH Reims/Cessna F.150K (F15000577) CofA expired 16/11/12, arrived 20/04/15 from Cardiff by road. Re-registered G-OKLY 28/04/15.
Picture credit Mark Pearce

G-EGHH/J-4083 Hawker Hunter F.58 ..arrived by road 07/03/12, stored, registration cancelled 05/08/14
Picture credit James Thomas

G-JIBO BAe Jetstream 3102 AC Aviation Wales Ltd/Links Air ..arrived 16/10/15 from Cardiff ..Links Air AOC suspended 21/10/15 ..EASA ARC expired 29/04/16 ..stored
Picture credit RichT

G-JMGP/125 Aero L-39ZO Albatross ..arrived 15/09/14 for maintenance ..departed 27/05/15 to Deauville-Saint Gatien ..arrived 26/11/15 for maintenance
125 G-JMGP L-39 Albatross
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-KAEW/XL500 Fairey Gannet AEW.3 ..arrived by road 04/02/12, under restoration to fly
XL500 G-KAEW Gannet AEW.3
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-KAXF/N-294 Hunter F.6 ..arrived 02/10/14 from Leeuwarden for winter maintenance ..departed 04/03/15 back to Leeuwarden
N-294 G-KAXF Hunter F.6A
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-LNKS BAe Jetstream 3102 AC Aviation Wales Ltd/Links Air ..arrived 26/07/15 from Cardiff ..Links Air AOC suspended 21/10/15 ..EASA ARC expired 22/03/16 ..stored
Picture credit Mark Pearce

G-MOOS/XF690 Percival Provost T.1 (PAC/F/335) ..arrived mid 2015 by road from Yeovilton ..overhauled and first flown 15/08/15 ..departed 09/10/15 to Yeovilton
G-MOOS/XF690 Piston Provost T.1
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-MZMK AMF Microlight Chevvron 2-32C (040) ..arrived mid 01/15 by road. Not seen 11/15.
G-MZMK Chevron 2-32C
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-OETV Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-7852073) ..arrived 04/03/15 from Cardiff 
G-OETV PA-31-350
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-RJMS Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III (28R-7837059) ..wreck, crashed 19/06/15 Crosland Moor
Picture credit StuC

G-SPUT Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 2015
Picture credit StuC

G-STHA Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-8052077) ..arrived 08/01/14 as VVB243 ..parked at Twin Peaks ..EASA ARC (CoA) expired 15/01/14. Moved to Horizon Aircraft Services late 2014, believed to be for spares recovery/parting out.
G-STHA PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-UVNR BAC Strikemaster Mk.87..arrived 26/03/14 from Exeter
G-UVNR BAC.167 Strikemaster MK.87
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-WARP Cessna 182F Skylane (182-54633) ..arrived 08/15 from Haverfordwest for maint ..departed 23/11/15 back to Haverfordwest
Picture credit StuC

G-YAKF Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 08/02/15 for maintenance, departed by 11/15
G-YAKF Yakovlev Yak-52
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-YAKI Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 24/11/15 for maintenance

G-YAKX/27 red Yakovlev Yak-52 ..arrived 04/03/15 for maintenance, departed by 11/15
G-YAKX/27red Yak-52
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-YAKZ/33 red Yakovlev Yak-50 ..arrived 2015
Picture credit StuC

XK885 Percival Pembroke C.1 ..arrived 25/09/13 from Charlwood via Booker
XK885 Pembroke C.1 (Arrived 25/09/13)
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XL472/R:044 Fairey Gannet AEW.3 ...arrived 01/09/13 from Charlwood as a spares source and restoration to static display condition
XL472/044-R Gannet AEW.3
Picture credit Keith Morgan

Horizon Flight Training
Horizon Flight Training is a fully approved flight school formed in late 2014. Offers training for EASA PPL, EASA LAPL and Night Rating. Also offer Trial Flight Experiences and pleasure flights.

G-BOPU Grob G115 (8059) ..arrived 28/04/15
G-BOPU Grob G115
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BRBH Cessna 150H ..arrived Summer 2014 from RAF Henlow
G-BRBH Cessna 150H
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BSSB Cessna 150L ..taken over from Avi8tors/FTL ..departed 04/15 to Haverfordwest
G-BSSB at Cardiff 13/03/14
Picture credit Richard Peckham

G-EEKY Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B (28-25422) ..arrived 12/10/15
Picture credit Geoff Jones

G-OKLY Reims/Cessna F.150K (F15000577) ..arrived 20/04/15 from Cardiff by road as G-ECBH. Re-registered G-OKLY 28/04/15.
Picture credit Mark Pearce

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