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Header Picture: Royal Flight B77W VQ-BGL landing at Cardiff 3rd July 2020 loaded with PPE for COVID-19 key workers. "Royal Flight 602" came from Hefei, China via a short stop at Moscow-Sheremetyevo in Russia ..picture credit IanG

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Twin Peaks movements 2015

Movements in and out of the Twin Peaks complex for 2015 were as follows.

VVB Aviation Malta Ltd

European ACMI/charter company operating on a Maltese AOC. Joint (50/50) venture between VVB Aviation UK and Cardiff Aviation.

9H-HER Boeing 737-4K5 (24901) ..arrived 24/06/15 from LIRN/Naples as SGO001 "Maiden 01" to 9H-VVB 07/15 ..used for company charters and short term leases
Picture credit StuC

10/07 EGDX-LIMC SGO001 Lease to Iraqi Airways for European flights
06/08 ESMS-EGDX SGO001P Return from lease
20/08 EGDX-EGFF SGO001P Positioning
24/08 EGFF-EGDX 9HVVB Positioning
26/08 EGDX-EGFF-LFOB SGO001P/SGO666 Iron Maiden charter
27/08 LFOB-EGFF SGO666 Iron Maiden charter
28/08 EGFF-EGFF PRI9551 Check flight/aborted delivery ?
29/08 EGFF-EKYT PRI9551 Lease to Primera
30/08 EKYT-EGFF PRI9552 Lease return
04/09 EGFF-EGCC LLP5565P Lease to Small Planet
06/09 ESSA-EGFF LLC3082 Lease return
11/09 EGFF-BIKF WOW814P Lease to WOW
12/09 BIKW-EGFF WOW815P Lease return
15/09 EGFF-EGDX 9HVVB Positioning

G-CIPH Boeing 737-4Q8 (24706) ..arrived 12/11/15 from Goodyear via stops at Bangor, Keflavik and Cardiff
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Cardiff Aviation Ltd
Cardiff Aviation
Aviation maintenance, engineering, technical services and training group launched in 2012 by Bruce Dickinson and Mario Fulgoni.

ET-AMU Boeing 757-23N (27975) ex Ethiopian Airlines ..arrived 15/12/15 from Addis Ababa as ETH9201 N975DH on 22/12/15 ..will depart to USA for DHL freighter conversion
Picture credit StuC

PH-CDE Boeing 737-86Q (35795) Corendon Dutch Airlines ..arrived 07/12/15 from Norwich as CND9204 "Dutch Corendon 9204" ..departed 14/12/15 to Schipol as CND9204
Picture credit StuC

9H-VLA Boeing 737-430 (27003) Valorfly ..arrived 01/12/15 from Cardiff as "9HVLA" (arrived CWL 30/11/15 from LIME/Milan Bergamo)
Picture credit Mark Little

CS-TQJ Airbus A319-115CJ (2675) White Airways ..arrived 01/12/15 from Cardiff as WHT8102 (diverted to Cardiff 30/11/15 due to after dark arrival from LPPT/Lisbon Portela as WHT8101)
Picture credit StuC

ET-AMT Boeing 757-23N (27976) ex Ethiopian Airlines arrived 17/11/15 from Addis Ababa as ETH9201 N796DH on 30/11/15 ..will depart to USA for DHL freighter conversion
Picture credit StuC

G-EZTT Airbus A320-214 (4219) Easyjet ..arrived 17/11/15 from Bristol as EZY9004 for maintenance ..departed 19/11/15 to Luton as EZY9001
Picture credit StuC

G-EZWX Airbus A320-214/S (6192) Easyjet ..arrived 07/11/15 from Cardiff as EZY9015 for maintenance (was inbound 06/11/15 from Gatwick as EZY9010 but diverted to Cardiff due to low visibility) ..departed 17/11/15 to Bristol as EZY9005 
Departing in the murk, credit StuC

HB-JYF Airbus A319-111 (4778) Easyjet Switzerland ..arrived 04/11/15 from Geneva as EZS9001 for maintenance ..departed 06/11/15 back to Geneva as EZS9025
Picture credit StuC

PH-CDF Boeing 737-804/W (28227) Corendon Dutch Airlines ..arrived 04/11/15 from Cardiff as CND9103 for maintenance (was inbound 02/11/15 from Amsterdam but diverted to Cardiff due to low visibility) ..departed 19/11/15 back to Schipol as CND9104 ..returned 19/12/15 as CND9203 ..departed 21/12/15 back to Schipol as CND9204 
Picture credit Mark Pearce

XV295 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4261) ..arrived 22/10/13 as "Reynard 1" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to Twin Peaks apron 11/15 for maintenance, re-serialled 8X-CZ 11/15 for the Austrian Air Force as a spares source ..departed 10/12/15 to Linz-Horsching as ASF99 "Austrian Air Force 99"
Picture credit Andy Pritchard

TF-FIZ Boeing 757-256/W (30052) ex Icelandair ..arrived 31/10/15 from BIKF/Keflavik as ICE6050 N530DH 09/11/15 ..departed 28/11/15 as SXA1266 "Ferry 1266" to KVQQ/Cecil via KBGR/Bangor for DHL freighter conversion
Picture credit StuC

TF-FIY Boeing 757-256/W (29312) ex Icelandair ..arrived 07/10/15 from BIKF/Keflavik as ICE6050 N932DH 14/10/15 ..departed 29/10/15 as SXA1247 to KVQQ/Cecil via KBGR/Bangor for DHL freighter conversion
Picture credit StuC

ZS-DJI Boeing 767-216ER (23624) Aeronexus Corporation ..arrived 07/10/15 from Bournemouth ..for Air Djibouti
Picture credit StuC

EI-FGZ Airbus A321-211 (0677) ..arrived 30/09/15 from Southend as "EIFGZ" 2-RLAF 16/11/15 to African Holding Company of America ..departed 12/12/15 to LFMT/Montpellier as "2RLAF"
Picture credit StuC

XV214 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4241) ..arrived 29/10/13 as "Reynard 2" and stored in the "Superhangar" ..moved to Twin Peaks apron 09/15 for maintenance by Cascade Aviation C-FNUM 16/11/15 to I.M.P Group Ltd ..departed 09/12/15 to CYYT/St.Johns as UM214
Picture credit IanG

XV303 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4271) ..arrived 22/10/13 as "Reynard 2" and stored in the "Superhangar" ..moved to Twin Peaks apron 09/15 for maintenance by Cascade Aviation C-FNUL 16/11/15 to I.M.P Group Ltd ..departed 22/11/15 to CYYT/St.Johns as UL303
Picture credit IanG

VQ-BTA Boeing 737-7P3/W BBJ1 (29188) ..arrived 01/09/15 from Cairo for maintenance ..departed 18/09/15 to LFSB/Basel
Picture credit StuC

CS-TLU Airbus A319-113X (1256) ..arrived 25/05/15 from Juan Gualbero Gomez Airport, Varadero, Cuba as WHT8574 "White Jet 8574" for maintenance/storage ..departed 01/12/15 to Madrid-Barajas as WHT8120 "Whitejet 8120"
Picture credit StuC

G-CIOE Boeing B737-46J (27171) ..arrived 21/04/15 from Shannon late 05/15 to OM-GTD for GO2SKY ..departed 10/06/15 to Bratislava
Picture credit StuC

G-OZBW Airbus A320-214 (1571) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 19/04/15 from Luton as MON320P for maintenance ..departed 08/05/15 to Manchester as MON320P
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-ZBAS Airbus A320-214WL (6550) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 15/04/15 from Toulouse as MON320P for pre-service maintenance ..departed 22/04/15 to Luton as MON222P
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-ZBAL Airbus A321-231 (3522) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 06/04/15 from Gatwick as MON321P for maintenance ..departed 09/04/15 to Gatwick as MON321P
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-EZAT Airbus A319-111 (2782) Easyjet ..arrived 23/03/15 from Luton as EZY9001 for maintenance ..departed 26/03/15 to Gatwick as EZY9002
Picture credit StuC

G-ZBAP Airbus A320-214 (1605) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 16/03/15 from Manchester via a weather diversion to Cardiff as MON320P for maintenance
 ..departed 27/03/15 to East Midlands as MON320P
Picture credit StuC

G-ZBAJ Airbus A321-231 (2610) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 10/03/15 from Luton as MON100P for maintenance ..departed 16/03/15 to Gatwick as MON321P

VQ-BMW Boeing 757-23N/W (29330) Yakutia Airlines ..arrived 09/03/15 from LCLK/Larnaca as SYL9906 on lease return N309DH 19/08/15 ..departed 28/08/15
 to KVQQ/Cecil, FL as SXA1240 for freighter conversion for DHL
Picture credit StuC

VQ-BCF Boeing 757-23N/W (27974) Yakutia Airlines ..arrived 01/03/15 from LCLK/Larnaca as SYL9906 on lease return N274DH 29/07/15 ..departed 31/07/15 to KVQQ/Cecil, FL as SXA1235 for freighter conversion for DHL
Picture credit StuC

G-ZBAH Airbus A320-214 (1413) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 23/02/15 from Manchester as MON320P for maintenance ..departed 13/03/15 to Gatwick as MON321P
Picture credit Geoff Jones

5B-DCL Airbus A320-232 (2334) CIT Leasing ex Cyprus Airways ..arrived 03/02/15 from Beirut for lease return/storage/re-lease M-ABIL 02/15 ..departed 16/04/15 to Shannon as M-ABIL 
Picture credit StuC

G-ZBAG Airbus A321-231 (2793) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 02/02/15 from Gatwick as MON321P for maintenance ..departed 06/02/15 to Gatwick as MON321P
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-ZBAR Airbus A320-214 (2142) Monarch Airlines ..arrived 27/01/15 from Gatwick as MON320P for maintenance ..departed 30/01/15 to Manchester as MON320P
Picture credit Keith Morgan

PH-OYI Boeing 767-304ER (29138) Arkefly ..arrived 21/01/15 from Amsterdam as TFL055F for maintenance ..departed 22/01/15 to Warsaw as TFL056F
Picture credit Keith Morgan

N674AC Boeing 737-7L9(WL) (28006) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee ex Moskovia Airlines VQ-BER ..arrived 16/01/15 from EVRA/Riga for storage ..departed 02/06/15 to Norwich
Picture credit StuC 

M-ABIK Airbus A320-232 (2108) CIT Leasing ex Cyprus Airways ..arrived 11/01/15 from Larnaca as 5B-DCJ for lease return/storage/re-lease 01/15 ..departed 17/04/15 to Madrid 
Picture credit RichT

M-ABIN Airbus A320-232 (2275) CIT Leasing ex Cyprus Airways ..arrived 11/01/15 from Larnaca as 5B-DCK for lease return/storage/re-lease 01/15 ..airtest 30/03/15 and diverted to Cardiff due to weather ..departed 31/03/15 to MontrĂ©al–Mirabel via 
5B-DCK "Pafos"
Picture credit Hugh Trainer

M-ABIO Airbus A320-232 (2343) CIT Leasing ex Cyprus Airways ..arrived 11/01/15 from Larnaca as 5B-DCM for lease return/storage/re-lease 01/15 ..departed 21/04/15 to Shannon
5B-DCM A320
Picture credit Keith Morgan

M-ABIM Airbus A320-232 (2359) CIT Leasing ex Cyprus Airways ..arrived 11/01/15 from Larnaca as 5B-DCH for lease return/storage/re-lease 01/15 ..departed 15/03/15 to East Midlands and repainted for Aegean Airlines as SX-DGU
Picture credit RichT 

G-CILC Boeing 737-405 (24643) Aerotron Ltd ex SAS ..arrived 19/12/14 from Shannon via a nightstop at Cardiff as LN-BRE SAS9270 23/12/14 4L-GSN 18/05/15 ..departed to UGTB/Tibilisi as LLG786 22/05/15
Picture credit IanG

G-DOCD Boeing 737-436 (25349) Aerotron Ltd ex BBAM ..arrived 13/12/14 from Belgrade as 2-VFRB 23/12/14 9H-ZAZ late 03/15 for air Horizont ..departed 27/05/15 to Zaragoza
Picture credit Jac Osborne 

Picture credit StuC

VQ-BOX Boeing 757-23APF (24868) Yakutia Cargo ..arrived 10/10/14 from Moscow-Vnukovo as SYL9907 for repairs to tail strike damage ..departed 06/04/15 to Rome-Fiumicino as "VQBOX" for paint into TNT scheme as OE-LFB
Picture credit StuC

G-CIHK Boeing 737-430 (27003) Aerotron Ltd ex Firefly ..arrived 04/10/14 from Subang as 9M-FZB FFM5202 [routed Subang-Don Muang-Abu Dhabi-Istanbul SAW-Amsterdam] G-CIHK 15/10/14, cancelled 08/06/15, re-registered 9H-VLA for Valorfly ..departed 25/06/15 to LIME/Bergamo Orio al Serio as VLF9001
Pictures credit StuC

PR-MBI Airbus A319-132 (1575) ..arrived 01/10/14 from SBCF/Tancredo Neves via GVAC/Cape Verde as TAM9950 ..spares recovered by eCube 11/14 ..noted outside Twin Peaks 13/12/14 with one "sharklet" and new titles after being used by Airbus for the Sharklet Retrofit proof installation ..hangared with eCube 12/14 for further spares recovery scrapping area by 05/15 ..scrapped 06/15
Picture credit Jerzy Grzywaczewski

C-FAYN/282 Canadair CL215 1A10 (1105) Buffalo Airways ..arrived 06/10/12 from Turkey via LFBL/Limoges-Bellegarde for off-season storage/maintenance. Parked outside, current. ..departed at 13:12 on 22/06/15 to Prestwick heading home to Buffalo Airways
Picture credit StuC

Canadair CL215 1A10 (1106) Buffalo Airways ..arrived 06/10/12 from Turkey via LFBL/Limoges-Bellegarde for off-season storage/maintenance. Parked outside, current. ..departed at 13:03 on 22/06/15 to Prestwick heading home to Buffalo Airways
Picture credit StuC

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