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Header Picture: Airbus A321 YL-LCX operating a repatriation flight at Cardiff after the collapse of Thomas Cook Airlines Mark "Ginge" Little

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Boards Sunday 11/10/2015

Scheduled Arrivals

05:45TOM6685Thomson 1KBKosG-TAWD 05:35
07:50EI3594Stobart 34CWDublinEI-DEI 07:44
08:00EI3592Stobart 32CWDublinEI-FCY 07:51
08:15EI3590Stobart 30CWDublinEI-FAS 08:16
08:50WX9362City Ireland 362DublinEI-RJB 08:40
08:55FR5564Ryanair 51RTDublinEI-DAK 08:35
08:55WX9359City Ireland 359DublinEI-RJU 08:45
09:00CLG6041Challair 6041Paris CDGCS-DVL 09:14
09:00HOP9042Air Hop 9042Lahr Black ForestF-GVHD 09:09
09:25STK4600Stobart 4600ShannonEI-FAT 09:17
09:30ENT595Enterair 595DublinSP-ENU 09:50
09:30KL1059KLM 13NAmsterdamPH-KZR 09:23
09:40ENT515Enterair 515DublinSP-ENH 10:14
09:45WX9357City Ireland 357DublinEI-RJD 09:47
09:55BE4502Jersey 6LUEdinburghG-FBEH 10:19
09:55HV8581Transavia 8581DublinPH-HSD 10:08
10:00CLG5041Challair 5041Le Havre OctevilleF-HBCB 10:04
10:00ENT523Enterair 523DublinSP-ENE 09:53
10:10ST2424Germania 2424DublinD-AGER 10:01
10:15ENT564Enterair 564CorkSP-ENA 09:57
10:30BID11BBinair 11BParis Le BourgetD-CNAY 10:42
10:35VLM906Rubens 906Paris Le BourgetOO-VLP 10:37
10:55ST2828Germania 2828DublinD-ASTE 10:45
10:55WX9364City Ireland 364DublinEI-RJR 10:52
11:00EI3290Stobart 90CWDublinG-ZAPZ 10:57
11:00EI3294Stobart 94CWDublinEI-DEI 11:07
11:10STK4602Stobart 4602DublinEI-FCY 11:13
11:45FR5556Ryanair 41ZZDublinEI-EXE 11:33
11:50BE4531Jersey 6PJFaroG-FBEJ 12:07
11:50BID5BBinair 5BDublinD-CKPP 12:00
12:00LNQ101Fast Link 101DublinG-JIBO 12:09
12:00KRP2082Carpatair 2082Paris CDGYR-FZA 12:14
12:50IGA732Iguana 732Paris Le BourgetSP-MRC 13:10
13:05TOM6761Thomson 6761ReusG-TAWS 12:39
13:10CLJ427Cello Jet 427SarajevoG-RAJG 14:15
13:20HOP9060Air Hop 9060Paris CDGF-GRZD 13:24
13:25CLG4041Challair 4041Paris Le BourgetF-HETS 13:44
14:05TOM6715Thomson 7HPMalagaG-TAWD 14:24
14:30VY7222Vueling 7222BarcelonaEC-MEQ 14:27
15:20BE4536Jersey 6ZAMilan MalpensaG-FBEH 15:34
15:40BE4510Jersey 2TBGlasgowG-FBEJ 15:38
16:30BE281Jersey 3JVBelfast CityG-JECP 16:13
16:40KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-KZF 16:35
18:40T34095Eastflight 95VAberdeen/NewcastleG-CFLU 18:41
19:15BE4504Jersey 3CDEdinburghG-FBEJ19:10
19:30BE4513Jersey 3EUParis CDGG-FBEH19:38
20:25TCX7207Kestrel 37PYLarnacaYL-LCK 20:41
20:30EI3298Stobart 98CWDublinEI-CVC 20:05
20:50ST489Germania 489Paris CDGD-ASTE 20:59
21:10EI3296Stobart 96CWDublinG-ZAPZ20:53
21:30KL1069KLM 1069AmsterdamPH-KZO 21:25
21:30STK462PStobart 462PDublinEI-FAU 21:22
21:55STK460PStobart 460PDublinEI-FCY 21:30
22:00BE4508Jersey 2XQJerseyG-FBEJ21:43
22:10WX9356PCity Ireland 356PDublinEI-RJE 21:51
22:25FR5554Ryanair 98ADDublinEI-FIH 21:56
22:45BE4518Jersey 87LDublinG-FBEH22:36
23:10TOM6707Thomson 14YLanzaroteG-FDZJ 23:02 Frame change
23:15EI3596Stobart 3596DublinEI-FAS 23:33
23:20LNQ102Fast Link 102DublinG-JIBO

Scheduled Departures

06:00BE4530Jersey 4NDFaroG-FBEJ 06:35
06:50TCX720PKestrel 720PGlasgowYL-LCK 06:56
07:00BE4501Jersey 4CPEdinburghG-FBEH 07:19
07:55TOM6714Thomson 7WPMalagaG-TAWD 08:20
07:55TOM6760Thomson 6760ReusG-TAWS 08:11
08:30EI3593Stobart 33CWDublinEI-FCY 08:29
08:30EI3595Stobart 3595DublinEI-DEI 08:38
08:40EI3591Stobart 31CWDublinEI-FAS 08:47
09:00LNQ100TFast Link 100TDublinG-JIBO 09:00
09:20FR5565Ryanair 98BUDublinEI-DAK 09:19
09:25WX9359PCity Ireland 359PDublinEI-RJB 09:28
09:50STK461PStobart 461PDublinEI-FAT09:54
10:05KL1060KLM 14NAmsterdamPH-KZR10:20
10:35BE4535Jersey 4535Milan MalpensaG-FBEH11:09
11:25EI3291Stobart 91CWDublinG-ZAPZ 11:50
11:35STK463PStobart 463PShannonEI-FCY 11:45
11:40EI3295Stobart 95CWDublinEI-DEI12:03
11:55ST4848Germania 4848ComisoD-ASTE12:32
12:10FR5557Ryanair 11CDDublinEI-EXE 12:41
12:15WX9365PCity Ireland 365PDublinEI-RJR11:43
12:45BE4509Jersey 4509GlasgowG-FBEJ12:55
14:00CLJ427PCello Jet 427PBirminghamG-RAJG15:06
14:40TOM6706Thomson 36HLanzaroteG-TAWS 14:39
15:10VY7223Vueling 7223BarcelonaEC-MEQ 15:12
15:20TOM6756Thomson 3GLLarnacaG-TAWD 15:51
16:20BE4503Jersey 48VEdinburghG-FBEJ 16:39
16:25BE4512Jersey 3AHParis CDGG-FBEH 16:31
16:55BE282Jersey 7UABelfast CityG-JECP16:57
17:15KL1064KLM 52RAmsterdamPH-KZF 17:18
19:05T34096Eastflight 96VAberdeen/NewcastleG-CFLU19:14
19:55BE4507Jersey 1HLJerseyG-FBEJ19:56
20:00BID11CBinair 11CParis Le BourgetD-CNAY 20:24
20:10BE4517Jersey 9FBDublinG-FBEH20:27
20:35IGA734Iguana 734Paris Le BourgetSP-MRC 20:48
20:50HOP9061Air Hop 9061Paris CDGF-GRZD 21:02
21:00LNQ102Fast Link 102DublinG-JIBO 21:05
21:00VLM907Rubens 907Paris Le BourgetOO-VLP 20:51
21:00ST2425Germania 2425DublinD-AGER21:27
21:10EI3299Stobart 99CWDublinEI-CVC21:15
21:30TJT970BTwinjet 970BBordeaux MerignacF-GLNF 20:43
21:35HV8582Transavia 8582DublinPH-HSD 21:48
21:40EI3297Stobart 97CWDublinG-ZAPZ21:58
21:50HOP9031Air Hop 9031Bordeaux MerignacF-HBXL 21:53
21:50KRP2083Carpatair 2083Paris CDGYR-FZA 21:45
22:00STK4601Stobart 4601ShannonEI-FAU 22:14
22:05ENT524Enterair 524DublinSP-ENE 00:37 Mon DUB fog delay
22:20ENT516Enterair 516DublinEI-ENH 23:23 DUB fog delay
22:20STK4603Stobart 4603DublinEI-FCY23:37 DUB fog delay
22:30ST2829Germania 2829DublinD-ASTE23:43 DUB fog delay
22:35BID5CBinair 5CDublinD-CKPP 00:12 Mon DUB fog delay
22:40WX9356City Ireland 356DublinEI-RJE23:47 DUB fog delay
22:50FR5555Ryanair 5555DublinEI-FIH23:57 DUB fog delay
22:55WX9363City Ireland 363DublinEI-RJB 00:01 Mon DUB fog delay
23:00CLG4043Challair 4043Paris Le BourgetF-HBCB 22:20
23:00CLG5043Challair 5043Le Havre OctevilleF-HETS23:07
23:05ENT596Enterair 596DublinSP-ENU 00:25 Mon DUB fog delay
23:05WX9358City Ireland 358DublinEI-RJD 00:18 Mon DUB fog delay
23:20ENT565Enterair 565CorkSP-ENA 00:07 Mon
23:25HOP9043Air Hop 9043Lahr Black ForestF-GVHD23:35
23:45EI3597Stobart 37CWDublinEI-FAS 00:29 Mon DUB fog delay
D-CKPP credit Mark Pearce

D-CNAY credit IanG

F-GLNF credit IanG

F-HBCB credit IanG

F-HBXL credit IanG

F-HETS credit Mark Pearce

G-RAJG credit Mark Pearce

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