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Header Picture: Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN seen at Cardiff 17th March 2019 for the Wales v Ireland Six Nations rugby bout at the Principality Stadium Angelo Harmsworth

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Boards Saturday 10/10/2015

Scheduled Arrivals

02:35TOM6555Thomson 81TTenerife SurG-TAWD 02:33
07:25EI3294Stobart 94CWDublinEI-FAS 07:22
07:30EI3290Stobart 90CWDublinEI-DEI 07:42 Irish Rugby livery
07:35ENT547Enterair 547Marseille ProvenceSP-ENQ 07:49
08:15VY9034Vueling 9034Paris OrlyEC-LZF 08:07
08:20VY1242Vueling 12CWPalma MallorcaEC-KHN 08:21
08:25FR1251Ryanair 1251ShannonEI-EMA 08:10
08:45ART8255Smart Lynx 8255ToulouseYL-LCN 11:34 Late
08:50FR5556Ryanair 41ZZDublinEI-EFC 08:35
09:05BE4516Jersey 3LPDublinG-FBEJ 09:00
09:20BE4542Jersey 1TFCorkG-FBEN 13:33 Late
09:20ENT560Enterair 560Lyon Saint ExupérySP-ENA 09:19
09:25ENT591Enterair 591DublinSP-ENU 09:26
09:30KL1059KLM 13NAmsterdamPH-WXC 09:29
09:40AXE4430Galileo 4430Toulouse BlagnacOM-DEX 09:46
09:50ENT511Enter 511Paris CDGSP-ENH 09:15
10:30IGA726Iguana 726Paris Le BourgetSP-MRC 10:18
10:55EI3292Stobart 92CWDublinEI-DEI 10:47
10:55ENT521Enter 521DublinSP-ENE 11:03
11:15BE281Jersey 3JVBelfast CityG-PRPA 10:56
11:20HOP9030Air Hop 9030Bordeaux MerignacF-HBXL 11:11
11:25VLM954Rubens 954Paris CDGOO-VLO 12:04
11:30FR5564Ryanair 51RTDublinEI-DWO 11:27
11:35CRL820Corsair 820Paris OrlyF-HBIL 11:17
11:40TOM6635Thomson 9YLPalma MallorcaG-TAWD 11:30
11:45TOM6605Thomson 5EXIbizaG-TAWS 11:37
11:55WX9355City Ireland 355DublinEI-RJN 11:47
12:30ENT548Enterair 548Lyon Saint ExupérySP-ENQ 12:31
12:40BE4502Jersey 6LUEdinburghG-FBEH 15:16 Late
12:45VY1241Vueling 12AVAlicanteEC-LZE 12:44
13:20ENT562Enterair 562Lyon Saint ExupérySP-ENA 13:56
13:25ENT593Enterair 593DublinSP-ENU 13:11
13:40AXE4431Galileo 4431Paris CDGOM-DEX 14:04
14:15BE4538Jersey 1YTMunichG-FBEJ 14:15
14:20EI3296Stobart 96CWDublinEI-DEI 14:26
14:30STK4602Stobart 4602DublinEI-FAV 14:46
14:35ART8256Smart Lynx 8256ToulouseYL-LCP 14:42
14:35VY1260Vueling 1260MalagaEC-LZN 14:32
14:40ENT513Enterair 513Paris CDGSP-ENH 14:12
14:50EI3598Stobart 38CWDublinEI-FAS 14:53
15:40TO1502France Sol 1502Paris OrlyF-GZHE 15:46
15:45EI3594Stobart 34CWDublinEI-FAT 15:35
15:55ENT588Enterair 588NewcastleSP-ENA17:59 Late
15:55WX9356City Ireland 356DublinEI-RJN 15:52
16:10ENT525Enterair 525Bordeaux MerignacSP-ENE 15:56
16:40KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-KZE 16:36
17:45FR5554Ryanair 98ADDublinEI-DPL 17:34
18:00EI3596Stobart 36CWDublinEI-FCY 18:08
18:10BE4513Jersey 3EUParis CDGG-FBEH 19:02
18:50TJT970ATwinjet 970ABordeaux MerignacF-GLNF 18:24 Parked on Golf
18:55EI3298Stobart 98CWDublinEI-FAS18:45
19:05BE4531Jersey 6PJFaroG-FBEJ21:02 Late
19:25TOM6645Thomson 9TXAlicanteG-TAWD19:17
20:30TCX7027Kestrel 45XZFuerteventuraYL-LCK 20:04
20:45BE4508Jersey 2XQJerseyG-FBEH21:28
22:55TOM6659Thomson 1AVLas PalmasG-TAWS 22:46
Scheduled Departures

06:00TOM6604Thomson 6CBIbizaG-TAWS 06:08
06:00TOM6634Thomson 9HVPalma MallorcaG-TAWD 06:01
06:05KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-KZD 06:18
06:30BE4515Jersey 29TKDublinG-FBEJ 06:39
06:50BE4541Jersey 9JCCorkG-FBEN11:32
07:50STK105PStobart 105PDublinEI-FAS 07:51 Off 30
08:10EI3291Stobart 91CWDublinEI-DEI 08:25
08:30ENT547PEnterair 547PLyon Saint ExupérySP-ENQ 08:46
08:50VY9035Vueling 9035Paris OrlyEC-LZF 08:54
08:55VY1243Vueling 12EXPalma MallorcaEC-KHN 09:16
08:55FR1252Ryanair 1252ShannonEI-EMA 09:02
09:00TCX702FKestrel 702FGlasgowYL-LCK 09:08
09:15FR5557Ryanair 11CD DublinEI-EFC 09:19
09:40ART9255Smart Lynx 9255PragueYL-LCN 12:42Late
09:45BE4501Jersey 4CPEdinburghG-FBEH 12:45 Late
09:50BE4537Jersey 4PGMunichG-FBEJ 10:04
10:00ENT561PEnterair 561PLyon Saint ExupérySP-ENA 10:07
10:05KL1060KLM 14NAmsterdamPH-WXC 10:25
10:20AXE444PGalileo 444PParis CDGOM-DEX 10:59
10:25ENT512PEnterair 512PParis CDGSP-ENH 10:22
10:30ENT592PEnterair 592PDublinSP-ENU 10:38
11:10IGA727Iguana 727Paris Le BourgetSP-MRC 11:21
11:35EI3293Stobart 93CWDublinEI-DEI 11:55
11:40BE282Jersey 7UABelfast CityG-PRPA 11:40
11:50VLM954FRubens 954FBirminghamOO-VLO 12:58
11:55FR5565Ryanair 98BUDublinEI-DWO 12:06
12:00ENT522PEnterair 522PBordeaux MerignacSP-ENE 12:11
12:25WX9355PCity Ireland 355PDublinEI-RJN 12:33
13:00CRL21Corsair 21Paris OrlyF-HBIL 12:51
13:15ENT549PEnterair 549PFaroSP-ENQ 13:21
13:20BE4530Jersey 4NDFaroG-FBEJ15:18Late
13:20VY1240Vueling 12YQAlicanteEC-LZE 13:42
13:35TOM6644Thomson 25AAlicanteG-TAWD 13:39
13:50TOM6658Thomson 83PLas PalmasG-TAWS 13:57
13:55ENT564PEnterair 564PNewcastleSP-ENA 15:03
14:10AXE351PGalileo 351PPiešťanyOM-DEX 14:58
14:25ENT594PEnterair 594PDublinSP-ENU14:18
14:55STK463PStobart 463PDublinEI-FAV 15:30
15:00BE4512Jersey 3AHParis CDGG-FBEH16:06
15:10VY1261Vueling 1261MalagaEC-LZN 15:36
15:15EI3297Stobart 97CWDublinEI-DEI 15:26
15:20EI3599Stobart 39CWDublinEI-FAS 15:39
15:25ENT515PEnterair 515PDublinSP-ENH 15:21
16:00TCX154PKestrel 154PGatwickYL-LCP16:09
16:20EI3595Stobart 35CWDublinEI-FAT 16:16
16:25TO501France Sol 501Paris OrlyF-GZHE 17:00
16:30WX9356PCity Ireland 356PDublinEI-RJN 16:26
16:45ENT578PEnterair 578PCorkSP-ENA18:51 Late
16:55ENT525PEnterair 525PDublinSP-ENE 16:50
17:15KL1064KLM 52RAmsterdamPH-KZE 17:17
18:10FR5555Ryanair 5555DublinEI-DPL18:12
18:25EI3597Stobart 37CWDublinEI-FCY18:47
18:40BE4507Jersey 1HLJerseyG-FBEH19:46 Late
19:20EI3299Stobart 99CWDublinEI-FAS19:12
20:40TOM6684Thomson 9EGKosG-TAWD20:52

EI-DEI credit Mark Pearce

EI-DWO credit Mark Pearce

EI-EFC credit Keith Morgan

EI-EMA credit Keith Morgan

EI-RJN credit Mark Pearce

F-GZHE credit Hugh Trainer

F-HBIL credit IanG

F-HBXL credit Mark Pearce

OM-DEX credit Keith Morgan

OO-VLO credit Keith Morgan

SP-ENA credit Keith Morgan

SP-ENE credit Mark Pearce

SP-ENH credit Keith Morgan

SP-ENQ credit Keith Morgan

SP-ENU credit Keith Morgan

SP-MRC credit Mark Pearce

YL-LCN credit Keith Morgan

YL-LCP credit Keith Morgan

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