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    S.W.A.G. Information Box

    Supporting Aviation in Wales, United Kingdom


    Welsh flag

    Header Picture: Gama Aviation Cessna 560 Citation XLS G-OJER at Cardiff 11/10/18 ...picture credit Mark Pearce

    See after the Logs and Boards for contact and editorial info.

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    LOG Thursday 30/09/2010

    Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30 ..to 12 11:40
    Parked on Golf are the following;
    Gulfstream IV N236MJ
    Pic credit RichT
    Challenger 300 N672BP
    Pic credit RichT
    Gulfstream IV-SP N757MC
    Pic credit RichT
    Cessna 750 Citation X N795HG
    Pic credit RichT
    Gulfstream V N800PM
    Pic credit IanG
    Global Express N797KK ..departed 09:16 to Austin , TX
    Pic credit RichT
    Parked at the club is S-76B G-VONC ..departed 11:07 to the East as "Premiair 19"
    Inbound at 09:09 is "Irish 254" Garda BN.2T-4S Defender 254 ..landed 09:32 parking at the club ..departed 10:30 to Bembridge ..due back in at 15:00 ..landed 15:03 parking at the club ..departed 15:49 to Baldonnel
    Pic credit StuC
    Landing at 10:15 from Glasgow is "Saltire 562" C525A Citationjet CJ2 G-EDCM parking at the club
    Pic credit StuC
    Due in at 11:00 from Oslo is "Scanbird 5066" C525B Citationjet CJ3 LN-HOT ..landed 10:58 parking on stand 17 ..departed 11:45 to Northolt as "Scanbird 5067"
    Pic credit Phil Woods
    Due in from Luton is Falcon 7X N906SB ..inbound 12:20 ..landed 12:33 parking on Golf
    Pic credit RichT
    Due in from Luton is Falcon 900EX N900SB ..inbound 12:20 ..landed 12:31 parking on Golf
    Pic credit RichT
    Due in from Shannon is "Emerald 005" Gulfstream 550 EI-GDL ..inbound 12:40 ..landed 12:52 parking on Golf
    Pic credit RichT
    Inbound at 12:50 is Cessna T206H EI-SPB ..landed 13:04 parking at the club
    Due in is "Abelag 41M" C560XL Citation Excel OO-MLG ..inbound 13:17 ..landed 13:28 parking on stand 15 ..departed 21:33 to Brussels with the same c/s
    Pic credit RichT
    Inbound at 16:30 is "Specsavers 21C" Beech 350 M-SPEC ..landed 16:40 parking at the club
    Pic credit Jac Osborne
    Inbound at 16:40 from Norwich is Hawker Beechcraft 390 Premier 1 N76EU ..landed 16:54 parking at the club ..departed 17:47 to Hawarden
    Pic credit RichT
    Inbound at 17:13 from Bilbao is "Airmed 053" PA31T2 Cheyenne IIXL G-CHEY ..landed 17:21 parking at the club ..departed 18:04 to Oxford
    Pic credit RichT
    Inbound at 17:24 is "Fraction 145M" C560XL Citation XLS CS-DXV ..landed 17:35 parking at the club
    Pic credit RichT
    Training Flights
    Entering the CDF Hold at 15:03 prior to an approach is "Dartmoor 04" Beech 76 G-BYNY ..go-round 15:30 and departed to Exeter
    Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
    Due in at 19:00 from Zurich is EZE1946 ERJ-135ER G-CGMB ..landed 19:00 parking on stand 7 ..departed 19:43 to Humberside as "Eastflight 041P"
    Based Aircraft Movements
    Departing at 05:53 to Edinburgh is DragonFly Beech 200 G-BVMA ..landed home 13:48
    Departing at 07:35 to Luton is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN
    Departing at 12:16 to the South is PA-34 G-JANN
    Departing at 12:39 via Wenvoe on a very rare flight is microlight G-MWWR ..returned 12:55 into the circuit ..landed 13:23
    Pic credit Phil Woods
    Airborne at 14:22 into the circuit is Tomahawk G-GALL ..landed 14:34
    Departing at 16:20 via Wenvoe is PA-28 G-OPET ..landed 16:59
    BAMC Happenings
    Inbound at 14:05 from Heathrow is "Speedbird 9170" B744 G-CIVH ..landed 14:18
    Pic credit Phil Woods
    Due out to Heathrow is "Speedbird 9171" B744 G-BNLO ..departed 16:22
    Tremorfa Heliport
    Landing c09:28 from Celtic Manor is "Ryder 43" AS355F G-VONG
    Landing c09:42 from Celtic Manor is "Ryder 4" AS350B2 G-CDTD
    Landing c10:45 is "Ryder 25" (S-76B G-VONB ? present at 15:00)
    Tower Transits
    Westbound at 11:00 routing from Wenvoe through the overhead and along the coast is EC120B G-TGGR
    Westbound along the coast at 11:25 to operate in the Bridgend area is "Electricity 18" Bell 206B G-BARP ..departed 12:44 to the Swansea area
    Operating in the Cardiff-Barry-Aberthaw area from 11:45 is "Electricity 24" AS355F1 G-LECA ..departed 12:25 to the East ..returned 14:12 to the Cowbridge area for a short time before departing to the Northeast
    Pic credit Phil Woods
    Over the Top
    00:05 EB descending at NUMPO N451DC GLF4
    05:10 EB FL340 at DIKAS "Reach 597" 99-0165 C-17A
    06:31 EB FL370 at DIKAS "Convoy 4354" 165832 C-40A
    06:57 EB FL350 at NUMPO "Reach 315" 95-0104 C-17A
    11:36 WB FL200 at TOPRO "Yankee 97" 165315/NY KC-130T
    12:50 WB FL430 at DIKAS N560SH GLF3
    13:27 WB climbing at NUMPO N995GG GLF4
    14:16 WB FL410 at DIKAS F-WWGA F2TH ..returned EB 14:37 at DIKAS
    15:34 EB FL370 at DIKAS CFC3051 144615 CC144B
    15:59 WB FL430 at DIKAS N928GC G400
    15:59 WB climbing at NUMPO N1090X CL60
    17:01 WB>NB climbing at BCN MOZ330 OE-FPK C25A
    18:39 WB FL320 at DIKAS JNV551 EC-KPB C56X
    19:42 WB climbing at TOPRO N596DC G450

    BOARDS Thursday 30/09/2010

    Scheduled Arrivals
    01:30TOM6313Thomson 5BCLarnacaG-FDZF01:2110
    03:20TCX256LKestrel 79CMRhodesG-TCDA03:119
    07:55EI3290Arann 90CWDublinEI-REH08:491
    08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleG-MAJW07:598
    08:25BE581Jersey 581EdinburghG-JECM08:189
    08:25BE1431Jersey 3BNGlasgowG-ECOG08:153
    10:00NM933Kiel Air 933RAF ValleyD-CMNX09:3612
    10:50KL1059KLM 49TAmsterdamPH-EZG10:507
    11:00BE281Jersey 7PXBelfast CityG-ECOJ11:1814
    11:30EI3292Arann 92CWDublinEI-REH11:521
    12:50TOM6415Thomson 82XPalma MallorcaG-OOBG13:157
    13:05WW2202Baby 37EMalagaG-TOYJ13:193
    13:25TOM6405Thomson 7CPMalagaG-FDZF13:5210
    13:30WW2936Baby 2936Palma MallorcaG-TOYG13:569
    14:20KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-OFM14:2011
    14:45EI3828Arann 3828CorkEI-REH14:591
    15:30TCX134LKestrel 27GCZakynthosG-TCDA15:179
    15:35BE1435Jersey 5HLGlasgowG-JECG15:223
    16:30WW2004Baby 2004EdinburghG-TOYJ16:433
    18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleG-MAJW18:138
    18:45NM939Kiel Air 939RAF ValleyD-CMNX18:1712
    19:20BE1436Jersey 1PNParis CDGG-JECG19:3010Landed 30
    19:30BE585Jersey 585EdinburghG-JECK19:133
    19:45WW2642Baby 2642AlicanteG-TOYG20:2314
    20:20EI3298Arann 98CWDublinEI-REM20:051
    20:50KL1069KLM 1069AmsterdamPH-OFL21:5111
    22:55WW2736Baby 93CFaroG-TOYJ23:043
    23:55TOM6447Thomson 2TCHeraklionG-FDZF00:06 Fri10
    00:05 FriTOM709Thomson 709DalamanG-OOBG23:437

    Scheduled Departures
    06:10KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-OFP06:22
    07:00TCX134PKestrel 92CPZakynthosG-TCDA07:00
    07:00TOM6414Thomson 8DMPalma MallorcaG-OOBG07:13
    07:00WW2201Baby 2201MalagaG-TOYJ07:18
    07:15TOM6404Thomson 3PCMalagaG-FDZF07:25
    07:30NM932Kiel Air 932RAF ValleyD-CMNX07:38
    08:00WW2935Baby 2935Palma MallorcaG-TOYG08:04
    08:20EI3291Arann 91CWDublinEI-REH09:23
    08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleG-MAJW08:39
    08:50BE582Jersey 582EdinburghG-JECM09:00
    08:50BE1432Jersey 4PTGlasgowG-ECOG08:53
    11:35KL1060KLM 50TAmsterdamPH-EZG11:39
    11:55EI3829Arann 3829CorkEI-REH12:28
    13:35WW2003Baby 2003EdinburghG-TOYJ14:05
    14:00WW2641Baby 2641AlicanteG-TOYG15:05
    14:25TOM708Thomson 708DalamanG-OOBG14:46
    14:40TOM6446Thomson 1DXHeraklionG-FDZF15:10
    14:50BE282Jersey 82VBelfast CityG-ECOJ15:01
    15:10EI3295Arann 95CWDublinEI-REH15:33Departed 30
    16:00BE1435Jersey 1435Paris CDGG-JECG16:17
    16:15NM938Kiel Air 938RAF ValleyD-CMNX16:12
    16:30TCX302KKestrel 27BALanzaroteG-TCDA16:38
    16:50KL1064KLM 52RAmsterdamPH-OFM16:55
    16:55WW2735Baby 58AFaroG-TOYJ17:26
    18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleG-MAJW18:47
    19:55BE586Jersey 8VREdinburghG-JECK19:50
    19:55BE1436Jersey 1436GlasgowG-JECG20:16
    20:45EI3299Arann 99CWDublinEI-REM20:44

    S.W.A.G. Editorial Information Board

    Notice to Readers
    : You are fully welcome to use information from our site, all we ask is that the South Wales Aviation Group are credited. Please don't copy whole sections of the blog for use on your own site. The site is produced by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts and is not intended for official use in any way ..regards the SWAG team.

    Editorial Information
    : In the "Editors on Line" section on the sidebar you will see a list of the SWAG editors currently online, the star * next to one of their names denotes the editor who has primacy at the time and any emails/information should be directed to that person. The editors are: Spud, Phantom2, AndyD, and MikeyF (future events) ..contributing photographers are: StuC, IanG, RichT, Mark Pearce, Matthew Blunt, Hugh Trainer, Ginge Little, Keith Morgan and Phil Watkins

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