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    S.W.A.G. Information Box

    Supporting Aviation in Wales, United Kingdom


    Welsh flag

    Header Picture: TUI B788 G-TUII at Cardiff on a Cruise Flight to Barbados 17/02/18 (Phil Watkins)

    See after the Logs and Boards for contact and editorial info.

    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    LOG Sunday 31/05/2009

    Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12
    Parked on echo is TB-20 Trinidad GT G-CCGL ..departed 15:23 home to HAW via the Nash Point VRP
    Inbound 09:20 from the North is "Armyair 577" Gazelle AH.1 XX405/- ..landed 09:35 parking stand 15 ..departed 10:34 ..landed 12:35 ..departed 13:27 ..landed again c15:30 ..departed 16:01
    Overshooting 11:16 Exeter based Hunter T.7 G-VETA ..lovely sight and sound
    Landing at 18:21 is Microlight Spectrum G-MWWR parking stand 15 ..taxied southside 19:03, probably the new resident expected today
    Based Aircraft Movements
    Departing 07:44 is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN ..landed 19:28
    Departing 09:51 is PA-28 Archer II G-BXIF ..landed 13:08
    Departing 10:55 to Haverfordwest is PA-38 Tomahawk G-GALL ..landed home 13:59
    Departing 12:02 to Compton Abbas is PA-32 R-300 Cherokee Lance G-VERN ..landed 15:02
    Departing 12:14 for some circuits is Jodel D.117A G-ASXY ..landed 12:55 ..departed 14:26 to Haverfordwest ..landed 16:42
    Departing 12:21 to Welshpool is Rockwell 112B Commander G-CRIL ..landed 18:48
    Departing 12:53 is PA-28 Archer II G-OPET ..landed 13:05
    Departing 15:44 to Goodwood is Beech C23 Sundowner G-BBTY ..landed 19:19
    BAMC Happenings
    Due in from Heathrow at 12:16 is BAW9180 Boeing 763 G-BNWC ..landed 12:29
    Transients (Below FL160)
    Westbound 11:05 on a flight from Henstridge to Haverfordwest is Van's RV-9 G-RUVY
    Northwestbound 11:35 on a flight from Dunkeswell to Haverfordwest is Cessna 172N G-BHUG
    Southbound 11:40 on a flight from Ledbury to Perranporth and routing overhead St Athan is Aquila A.210 G-ROWA ..back the other way 18:35
    Eastbound 14:10 on a flight from Swansea to Old Sarum is Tecnam P.2002 Sierra G-CEVM
    Easbound 14:10 and in formation with G-CEVM is Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser G-ZECH
    Eastbound 15:12 on a flight from Old Park Farm to Upfield Farm is Jabiru UL G-KKER
    Eastbound 15:20 on a flight from Swansea to Wycombe Air Park is Europa XS G-CCJX
    Eastbound 15:25 on a flight from Swansea to Wycombe Air Park is Europa G-BVIZ
    Southbound 17:00 on a flight from Swansea to Bembridge is AA5B G-CDGS
    Westbound at 18:45 on a flight from Swansea to Weston Zoyland is CFM Shadow G-MYIF
    Interesting OTT (Above FL160)
    06:25 "Reach 365" C-17A 07-7174 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..436thAW Dover AFB, DE
    06:47 "PAT 63" C-37A 02-1863 EB FL410 STU-DIKAS ..OSACOM HQ Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
    07:18 "Canforce 3279" CC150 15001 EB FL389 STU-DIKAS ..437Sqdn Trenton, Canada
    10:02 UAE202 A388 A6-EDD EB FL370 STU-DIKAS-CPT ..Emirates Airlines
    10:25 "Reach 571" C-17A 06-6154 EB FL350 GITUS-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA
    10:50 "Reach 351" DC-10 N630AX EB FL310 at NUMPO ..Omni Air International
    11:10 "N526EE" GLF5 N526EE EB decending STU-NUMPO ..Wells Fargo Bank [Ernie Els inbound Farnborough]
    12:25 "Reach 6011" C-5B 86-0011 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA [Inbound Spangdahlem]
    13:40 "Reach 755" B752 N558AX EB FL370 STU-BCN ..Omni Air International
    13:55 "Reach 409" C-17A 03-3124 WB FL320 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    14:35 "Reach 5106" C-17A 95-0106 WB FL360 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    17:27 "Reach 3118" C-17A 03-3118 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..183rdAS MS ANG jACKSON MS
    18:18 "N308AB" GLF4 N308AB WB FL436 CPT-DIKAS-STU ..Prime Jet
    18:40 "Reach 6159" C-17A 06-6159 WB FL320 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA
    19:08 "Biscayne 516" B738 N739MA WB FL400 CPT-DIKAS-STU ..Miami Air International [Hahn-Gander]
    20:38 "Reach 7047" C-17A 97-0047 WB FL300 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC

    MOD St Athan
    Runway in use 08
    Vigilants flying today : ZH209/UQ

    BOARDS Sunday 31/05/2009

    Sundays Boards
    Arrivals Board
    02:05TOM467.Sharm el SheikhB752Thomson AWG-CPEU01:557
    05:45OHY887.DalamanA321Onur AirTC-OAE05:299
    06:10TOM6685Thomson 92ERhodesB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ05:5513
    06:15TCX221L.BodrumA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH05:5910
    09:00BGH5549.BourgasA320BH AirLZ-BHD08:4210
    10:10ECA898.LarnacaB738Eurocypria AL5B-DBZ10:003
    12:00RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-BYO11:461
    12:15WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYA12:1714
    12:20RE421Arann 21FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REL12:203
    12:50WW2968.Murcia San JavierB733bmibabyG-OGBD12:3910
    14:45BE6982Logan 10AXAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNF14:387opb Loganair
    14:50TOM6715Thomson 30BFaroB752Thomson AWG-CPEU14:4410
    15:30BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOM15:211
    16:10WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OGBD15:573
    16:25TOM6707Thomson 4LDLanzaroteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ16:0213
    16:55KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZK16:4911
    17:55TCX205L.Paphos IntlA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH17:3710
    18:20WW2936.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYH18:079
    19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOM19:1311
    19:30BE285.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-ECOY19:231
    20:20RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REM20:081
    21:10KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-WXC21:1011
    21:15SGX7203.BodrumB738Saga ALC-FYLC21:557obp Viking AW

    Departures Board
    06:05KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZA06:11
    06:45OHY888.DalamanA321Onur AirTC-OAE06:57
    07:00WW2967.Murcia San JavierB733bmibabyG-OGBD07:05
    07:15TCX205K.Paphos IntlA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH07:19
    07:40TOM6706Thomson 8MGLanzaroteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ07:38
    08:55TOM6714Thomson 87XFaroB752Thomson AWG-CPEU09:01
    10:00BGH5550.BourgasA320BH AirLZ-BHD09:58
    11:10ECA899.LarnacaB738Eurocypria AL5B-DBZ11:24
    12:30RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-BYO12:25
    12:45RE422Arann 22FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REL12:58
    12:50WW2935.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYH13:01
    13:15WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OGBD13:21
    15:15BE6983Logan 13BYAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNF15:14opb Loganair
    15:55BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOM16:04
    16:15TOM6756Thomson 1YDPaphos IntlB752Thomson AWG-CPEU16:20
    17:35KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZK17:49
    17:55TOM6746Thomson 4AWMalagaB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ17:58
    18:55TCX893K.AntalyaA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH19:00
    19:55BE286.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-ECOY20:17
    20:05BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JEDK20:29
    20:45RE316.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REM20:45
    22:15SGX7204.BodrumB738Saga ALC-FYLC23:07opb Viking Aw

    Saturday, May 30, 2009

    LOG Saturday 30/05/2009

    Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12
    Landing 10:04 is "Armyair 577" Gazelle AH.1 XX405/- ..parking stand 15 ..departed 10:48 ..returned 12:33 ..departed 13:38 ..landed 15:35 parking stand 16 ..departed 16:15 ..landed 16:31 ..departed 16:36
    Due in at 14:37 from Faro is NJE826L CS-DXX Citaion 560XL ..landed 14:33 parking stand 15, departs to Luton 15:40 as NJE3DC ..departed 15:44
    Inbound 15:00 from Haverfordwest is TB-20 Trinidad GT G-CCGL ..landed 15:20 parking on echo
    Landing at 20:51 is "Cabair London 06" a dark blue AS.350 G-TOPC? parking stand 15 ..departed 21:34 to Miskin Manor then on later to Elstree
    Based Aircraft Movements
    Departing 11:48 to Caernarfon is Beech C23 Sundowner G-BBTY ..landed shortly after takeoff with an open door ..departed again 12:21 ..landed 17:55
    Departing 11:54 is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN ..landed on 30 18:46
    Departing 14:10 to Caernarfon is Beagle B121 Pup G-AZCZ ..landed 18:09
    Departing 14:21 is Reims-Cessna FR.172J Rocket G-DRID
    Departing 14:48 is PA-28 Archer II G-OPET ..landed 17:24
    Departing at 16:47 to Staverton is PA-32 G-VERN .landed 18:06
    BAMC Happenings
    Due in from Paine Field, Washington (departed from there 01:46 BST) at 10:25 is BAW9171 B772 G-YMMS (36517/784) ..landed 10:30
    Transients (Below FL160)
    Westbound 12:00 on a flight from Brimpton to Haverfordwest is Cessna 175B Skylark G-ARMN ..routed back 15:20
    Westbound 12:01 on a flight from Popham to Pembrey is AA-5B Tiger G-BXTT ..routed back 15:20
    Eastbound 13:08 on a flight from Haverfordwest to Filton is TB-10 Tobago G-BGXT ..routed back 14:45
    Southeastbound 14:50 on a flight from Haverfordwest to Dunkeswell is Cessna 172S G-ILPY
    Interesting OTT (Above FL160)
    07:25 "Reach 8266" C-17A 88-0266 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    07:50 "Reach 321" C-5A 68-0220 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..68thAS/AFRC Kelly AFB, TX
    08:30 "Reach 9455" KC-135R 59-1455 EB decending GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..153rdARS/MS ANG Key Field, MS [to Mildenhall]
    08:45 "Reach 8109" KC-135R 58-0109 EB decending LND-VLN-BZN ..153rdAS/MS ANG Key Field, MS [to Mildenhall]
    09:15 "Reach 489" DC-10 N531AX EB FL310 STU-DIKAS ..Omnit Air International
    09:20 "ART106" B763 YL-LCY EB FL310STU-BCN ..Gabon Airlines [to Manston]
    10:20 "Reach 1190" C-17A 01-0190 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    10:27 "Reach 9013" C-5A 69-0013 EB FL350 GITUS-MAM ..89thAS/AFRC Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
    11:40 "Reach 3115" C-17A 03-3115 EB FL370 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..183rdAS MS ANG Jackson MS
    12:05 "Reach 517" C-17A 01-0196 WB FL320 MAM-GAPLI ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    12:25 "Reach 5141" C-17A 05-5141 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..729thAS/AFRC March ARB, CA
    13:20 "Reach 460" C-17A 02-1098 WB FL320 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
    14:55 "Reach 9061" C-17A 99-0061 WB FL340 MAM-DIKAS-SLANY ..62ndAW McChord AFB, WA
    15:48 "SAM 4165" C-37A 97-0400 WB FL400 DIKAS-STU ..89thAW Andrews AFB, MD
    19:35 "Reach 2101" C-17A 02-1101 WB FL300 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC

    MOD St Athan Runway in use 08
    Vigilants noted flying today : ZH209/UQ

    BOARDS Saturday 30/05/2009

    Saturdays Boards
    Tech on stand 11 is KLM Cityhopper F70 PH-KZG ..departed 11:34 to Schiphol as KLM1066



    Arrivals Board
    01:05TOM6555Thomson 1WBTenerife SurB752Thomson AWG-CPEU01:057
    01:20TOM6539Thomson 8BTBourgasB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ01:1113
    05:20TCX319L.Tenerife SurA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH05:1110
    08:25BE1431Jersey 143FGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOA08:211
    08:30BE581Jersey 9DLEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECZ08:243
    10:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR10:341
    10:40KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW10:3711
    12:05TOM6605Thomson 8KGIbizaB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ11:583
    12:20BE1432Jersey 143GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOA12:439
    12:20TCX637L.Palma MallorcaA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH12:0210
    12:25TOM6635.Palma MallorcaB752Thomson AWG-CPEU12:277
    15:50WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYA15:263
    16:00WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH15:569
    16:55KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL16:4611
    19:25TOM6645Thomson 7MDAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ19:273
    19:40TCX472L.FaroA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH19:1810
    21:10KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZA20:5711Landed 30
    22:55WW2938.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-OGBD23:0014

    Departures Board
    06:05KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-WXC06:17
    06:10TOM6604Thomson 1PJIbizaB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ06:10
    06:25TCX637K.Palma MallorcaA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH06:39
    06:45TOM6634.Palma MallorcaB752Thomson AWG-CPEU06:57
    08:50BE1431.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOA09:01
    10:05WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH10:18
    11:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR11:04
    11:20KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW11:17
    12:55BE1432Jersey 14HGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOA13:30
    13:20TCX472K.FaroA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH13:20
    13:35TOM6644Thomson 1DBAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ13:52
    13:55TOM466.Sharm el SheikhB752Thomson AWG-CPEU14:03
    17:30WW2937.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-OGBD17:41
    17:35KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL17:27
    20:40TCX221K.BodrumA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH20:48
    20:50TOM6684Thomson 7VJRhodesB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ20:59

    S.W.A.G. Editorial Information Board

    Notice to Readers
    : You are fully welcome to use information from our site, all we ask is that the South Wales Aviation Group are credited. Please don't copy whole sections of the blog for use on your own site. The site is produced by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts and is not intended for official use in any way ..regards the SWAG team.

    Editorial Information
    : In the "Editors on Line" section on the sidebar you will see a list of the SWAG editors currently online, the star * next to one of their names denotes the editor who has primacy at the time and any emails/information should be directed to that person. The editors are: Spud, Phantom2, AndyD, and MikeyF (future events) ..contributing photographers are: StuC, IanG, RichT, Mark Pearce, Matthew Blunt, Hugh Trainer, Ginge Little, Keith Morgan and Phil Watkins

    Please continue to send in your pics for use as the header. I would like them cropped to as near to 1600X500 as possible as this makes it easier for me to edit and fit on the site. I will try and change the picture every Sunday ..Regards IanG

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